How to repair HomePod issues

Having issues with a HomePod? We’ve had a few and we’ll share a fixes we detected when we were troubleshooting it below. If we have any issues with yoru HomePod that we haven’t addressed afterwards share them in a comments below.

What to do if your iPhone can’t see HomePod

During a initial set up, we had a lot of issues with a iPhone and HomePod not personification easily together. Eventually we resolved that it was a firewall emanate in a office. Here are a few of a stairs we attempted before we were means to get both inclination articulate to any other.

  1. Unplug a HomePod and block it in again.
  2. Turn your iPhone (or iPad) off and on again.
  3. If a set adult sorceress still hasn’t appeared, open a Home app on your iPhone.
  4. Tap on a + pitch in a tip right of a Home app and select Add Accessory.
  5. Now reason your iPhone nearby a HomePod.
  6. If we still aren’t saying a HomePod, check that a WiFi network we are connected to doesn’t have a Firewall.
  7. All being good that will solve your emanate and we will be means to continue environment adult your HomePod. If we have serve issues criticism below.

How to change a WiFi network your HomePod is on

What we can’t do is go to a HomePod environment and change a WiFi network details.

The HomePod will automatically adjust to be on a same WiFi network as your iPhone or iPad.

If we wish to change a WiFi network your HomePod is accessing we can do so on your iPhone. Open Settings WiFi and select a new network.

What to do if HomePod isn’t display adult as an AirPlay source

If we don’t see HomePod as an accessible device when regulating AirPlay run by these checks:

  1. Make certain that Bluetooth is incited on on your iPhone.
  2. Check that WiFi is incited on on your iPhone. Ensure that a WiFi network is not stable by a Firewall as that might impact a ability to use AirPlay.
  3. Failing that, try branch a inclination off and on again.
  4. It might be that we haven’t finished a set adult procedure, carrying skipped a Transfer Settings step, in that case, reset a HomePod as next and go by a setup stairs again.
  5. Read about how to play song on HomePod but subscribing to Apple Music here.

How to reset HomePod

We residence that here: How to reset HomePod.

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