How to Get Android P on Your Phone Right Now

Illustration: Google

Sorry, though your brand new Android phone is already obsolete. Google denounced a latest chronicle of a mobile handling complement progressing this week, and Android P—yes, fundamentally an inverted Beats logo—comes with some cold new facilities and a slight visible overhaul.

Here’s all we need to know about Android P, including how to get it on your stream phone right now.

What’s New in Android P?

Image: Google

The many critical (and controversial) refurbish nearing in Android P is nick support for all those iPhone X copycats. Developers—or Android owners who wish to feign their device is an iPhone X (or an Essential Phone)—can collect from narrow, tall, or corpulent sizes for their feign notches. Just capacitate Developer Options within Android P and corkscrew down a vast list of choices until we get to a Drawing section, where you’ll find a choice to “simulate a arrangement with a cutout.”


Android P also adds dull corners to Android’s discerning settings menu, as good as a few new ways users can fast respond to summary notifications. You can collect from one of Google’s “Smart replies” if we don’t have time to chat, or we can glow off a discerning picture directly from a presentation shade.

Other changes in Android P embody a new battery-saving underline that restricts idle apps from regulating your mic, camera, and other sensors. Google also says that Android’s autofill should now do a improved pursuit of remembering your password.

For a full outline of facilities nearing in Android P, be certain to check out Google’s large introduction video:

How to Get Android P Right Now (the Official Way)

You can squeeze a initial Android P developer preview right now, though there are a few critical caveats. First, it’s singular to Google’s Pixel and Pixel 2 (regular and XL versions). This beta program is also flattering unstable. You shouldn’t try to run it on your categorical smartphone, though it could be value perplexing on that aged first-generation Pixel we have fibbing around somewhere.


To get started, go download a complement picture for Android P. There’s a opposite chronicle for any Pixel phone, and we can find them all here.

Once you’ve unzipped a record and you’re prepared to peep your device with Android P, things get a small complicated. Installing Android P onto your smartphone will need a good volume of work and some light coding. If you’re adult for a task, follow along with Google’s instructions here. Just make certain we behind adult your phone first—if we need to—since flashing a new preview will erase all your aged data.

How to Get Android P on Other Android Phones

If we don’t have a Pixel, though we still wish to try Android P, wish isn’t wholly lost—just mostly lost. A third-party developer has combined an unaccepted launcher for Android P that we can use to make your smartphone look like we have a latest OS, though nothing of a features.


Download this APK on your Android smartphone. Once finished, daub “Install” on your device, and afterwards press a home button. Android should ask we to collect a launcher. Select a creatively commissioned “Pixel launcher.” If we have a Samsung phone, you’re done. If not, you’ll have to press a home symbol again, reselect a new launcher, and name “Always” so it becomes a default

Finally, open Settings and name Apps or Applications (depending on your device). Tap on Pixel Launcher and afterwards Permissions to capacitate entrance to a simple functions it needs, like your plcae and your smartphone’s storage.

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