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The HomePod’s best underline is a sound quality, though Apple also went above and over when it comes to determining a volume of your music. Sure, we could usually tell Siri to “raise a volume” or daub a buttons on tip of the speaker, though for a best formula try adjusting a HomePod’s volume on a scale of 1-100.

Apple offers a few conflicting voice commands for doing usually that. Try observant “Hey Siri, spin it to 40” or “Hey Siri, spin a volume to 65” or “Hey Siri, spin a volume to 35 percent.” This gives we some-more granular controls over a volume than Amazon’s Echo speakers, that work on a scale of 1-10. Google Home indeed offers a 1-100 volume operation as well, though usually when we use a word “percent” in your voice command.

On Reddit, HomePod owners also warned that we should equivocate perplexing to set a volume in a teenagers given Siri might mishear 17 as 70 or 18 as 80 and lift a volume to worried levels. The conflicting could occur too, so numbers like 70 and 80 might be misheard as smaller amounts.

Beyond a 1-100 scale, there are a few other volume-related HomePod tricks value knowing. You can contend “Hey Siri, spin it up/down” for a 10% change, or contend “Hey Siri, spin it up/down a lot” for 20%. You can also ask Siri to set a HomePod to “maximum volume,” that will prompt a warning before indeed cranking adult a orator to a top level.


Finally, if we wish to control a volume of Siri’s voice (as against to a music) usually contend “Hey Siri, set your volume to 50%”—or any other number. That should come in accessible if we wish to listen to shrill song though don’t need your HomePod to scream during we when we ask about a weather.

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