How to boost battery life on a Samsung Galaxy S8

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by Brian Tong

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 doesn’t have issues with battery life, during slightest not yet, yet if we find yourself wanting to tip adult a device via a day, there are a few settings we can adjust to lengthen a singular charge.

Disable a Always-On Display

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Glancing during your phone as it sits on your table to check a time or perspective tentative alerts is convenient, yet it’s also a delayed empty on a battery. And when you’re looking to boost battery life, each bit helps.

Disable Samsung’s Always-On Display (AOD) by opening Settings Lock shade and security Always On Display.

With AOD incited off, your phone’s shade will sojourn off while it is locked. Yes, that means we will need to press a home symbol (it’s still there, watchful for your submit even yet we can’t see it) to perspective a time.

High-def is good enough

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Out of a box, a Galaxy S8’s shade fortitude is set to full high-definition. By regulating a reduce resolution, battery life improves, and everybody wins. Well, solely those who wish to use each singular pixel on a S8’s screen.

Though let’s be honest, we don’t truly need a super high-res WQHD+ arrangement when promulgation WhatsApp messages. It creates sense, however, to watch videos and play games with a full capabilities of Samsung’s display. So, compromise.

For bland use, leave a S8’s arrangement set to FHD. Then we can save adult high-performance mode for when you’re personification games or binge-watching “13 Reasons Why.” There’s a dedicated tile to boost your device’s opening in a settings shade.

You can afterwards go behind to a reduction battery inspired mode during any time by regulating a same process to spin off high-performance mode.

Ditch auto-brightness

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Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET

A tack of saving battery life is determining a screen’s liughtness yourself. Open a discerning settings panel, afterwards daub a tiny arrow subsequent to a liughtness slider.

Toggle a auto-adjust symbol to a Off position.

Keep shade timeout low

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Limiting how prolonged your arrangement stays on after you’ve final interacted with a device is another attempted and loyal process of augmenting battery life.

By default, a S8’s shade timeout is set to 15 seconds. Leave it there or, if we must, go adult to 30 seconds. Any longer than that and you’re wasting battery.

Adjust shade timeout in Settings Display Screen timeout.

Put apps to sleep

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Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Samsung combined a choice to manually put apps to sleep. When an app is “sleeping,” it won’t run in a background, and any pull notifications to a app will be paused. The subsequent time we open a app, it will arise up, with notifications and updates issuing once again.

To put an app to sleep, long-press on an app idol until a settings popup is shown. Select Sleep from a list, afterwards daub OK

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