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With confidence during a premium, regulating formidable passwords has turn a necessity. To that end, all forms of users are speedy to make use of cue managers. Enpass is one such manager. This sold take on a program can be commissioned on scarcely each height (Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS) and does a stellar pursuit of gripping login information tucked safely divided from meddling eyes. One of a best facilities of Enpass is a ability to sync your passwords with a cloud account. Enpass includes built-in support for a following clouds:

You can also sync your Enpass information to a internal folder or to a remote WebDAV server.

I’m going to travel we by a routine of installing Enpass on Elementary OS, and afterwards how to bond a cue manager with a Google Drive account.


As we already mentioned, I’ll be installing Enpass on Linux. The designation of a program on all other platforms is really straightforward, so there’s no need to travel we by those stairs (download installer file, double-click pronounced file, travel by wizard).

With that said, here are a stairs for installing on Linux:

  1. Open a depot window
  2. Create a new good record with a authority sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/enpass.list
  3. Add a line deb fast main to a new file
  4. Save and tighten a new file
  5. Download a Enpass pivotal with a authority sudo wget
  6. Add a pivotal with a authority sudo apt-key supplement enpass-linux.key
  7. Update good with a authority sudo good update
  8. Install Enpass with a authority sudo good implement enpass

Once installed, locate Enpass in your desktop menu. When a app starts, you’ll be asked if we are a new Enpass user. Select a initial choice (Figure A), and click Continue.

Figure A

Figure A

Setting adult your new Enpass installation.

In a subsequent shade (Figure B), emanate a new master cue and click Done.

Figure B

Figure B

Creating a master cue for Enpass.

Syncing with your cloud account

I’m going to skip a routine of adding logins and passwords, and will assume you’ve taken caring of that.

With that information in place, click Tools | Sync from a Enpass categorical window. In a ensuing window, name a cloud comment we wish to use. A web page will open in your default browser to a cloud comment chosen. How we substantiate will count on that cloud comment selected.

For example, we chose Google Drive that non-stop a Google pointer in page seeking me that Google comment to use. Once selected, we will be asked to give Enpass accede to entrance a account. Click Allow, and a setup is complete. Enpass will automatically sync and arrangement a final sync date (Figure C).

Figure C

Figure C

Enpass connected to a Google Drive account.

A new folder, called Enpass, will be combined on your cloud comment root. In that folder will be a singular file, called sync_default.walletx. As we competence assume, do not undo that folder or file.

From a categorical Enpass window (Figure D), we can click a sync symbol to manually sync information to your cloud account.

Figure D

Figure D

The sync symbol is to a left of a Password beget symbol in a top right corner.

And that’s all there is to syncing your Enpass information to a cloud account. You can bond all of your Enpass installations to that same account, so a information is always in sync opposite each instance.

You should be regulating a cue manager

Whether we make use of a cloud underline or even Enpass, we should be regulating a cue manager. Passwords need to be complex, such that they can't be memorized. Using clever passwords creates it reduction expected you’ll find yourself with a compromised comment and stolen data. Enpass is a plain resolution for this, and also allows we to sync mixed instances to a singular cloud account.

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