How to make calls on your Apple HomePod

The Apple HomePod is not usually for listening to music; we can also make phone calls by a intelligent orator if we have an iPhone. The blog post will travel by stairs to do that.

Recently, Apple announced some new products and software, accompanied by betrothed job underline for Siri by HomePod.

HomePod was first launched in February, and during that time, users were usually means to bond to call started or perceived by your iPhone. Starting with iOS 12, a company equipped HomePod with functionality that lets users make and accept phones calls, as well.

How to make calls on a Apple HomePod

If we possess both an iPhone and a HomePod, afterwards here’s how to make, receive, and send phone calls regulating HomePod.

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Setup your iPhone and HomePod

1. First of all, it is essential to refurbish your Apple HomePod and iPhone. Usually, a HomePod automatically downloads and installs a latest update. Still, we can launch a Home app for a confirmation.

Press a “Round Home icon” accessible on a tip left side and name “Software Update” to start looking for a latest update. Once done, you’re good to go.

2. Next, we need to endorse that your iPhone and HomePod are both related to same Apple ID and connected to a same wireless network.

3. On your iPhone, conduct over to Settings. Here, demeanour for a choice “Siri Search.” Next, we need to safeguard that both “Listen for Hey Siri” and “Press Home for Siri” options are enabled.

4. After that, launch a Home app on your iPhone and conduct over to HomePod Settings. Again, safeguard that both options are enabled here too.

how to make calls with apple homepod

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5. While checking a HomePod Settings in a Home app, conduct over to a “Siri on HomePod” section. Under this, we will find a environment named as “Personal Requests.”

Again, make sure, a Personal Request underline is enabled. This confirms that Siri is good to go.

How to make a call

1. Before we start creation a call make certain both iPhone and HomePod are nearby.

2. Speak to Siri, “Hey Siri, call [person’s name]. Make certain that chairman name need to be right and should be in your hit list. It is always a good thought to use a full name. It’s since your hit list competence have dual or some-more chairman with a matching name.

You can also dial a series of that chairman by vocalization a digits.

3. Once done, we can tell “Hey Siri, hang up,” or identical authority and call will end.

How to accept a call

1. If we wish to accept a call, afterwards again make certain that both iPhone and HomePod are circuitously and contend “Hey Siri, answer my phone.”

2. After talking, say, “Hey Siri, hang up.”

3. In case, we unsuccessful to collect a call during a time, no worries. You can contend “Hey Siri, who usually called me?”  and we will get sum of a tourist but checking your phone.

How to send a call

1. Once you’re on a call, daub on a “Audio button” (Speaker icon). You will get a list of inclination connected wirelessly to your iPhone. From a list, name your Apple HomePod.

how to make calls with apple homepod

Image: Screenshot / KnowTechie

2. Wait for a immature light to come adult on your HomePod. The immature light confirms that your call is connected. You can speak now.

Note: You can conduct and control a calls right from a iPhone when required. For example, if we daub a Mute button, a call will tongue-tied on HomePod also.

What are your thoughts about HomePod’s new capability of creation calls from iPhone? Feel giveaway to share in a comments.

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