How to pierce WhatsApp messages to a new phone

Setting adult a new phone is a good event to purify out a confusion on a aged one, though we think you’d substantially like to keep some of it. WhatsApp messages, pictures, video and other files are one such example, and once you’ve set adult a app on a new device we can’t also use it on a prior one. Luckily, with a bit of credentials we can pierce all that to a new phone.

Using Google Drive we can say a unchanging backup of your WhatsApp account, that your new phone will automatically hunt for on designation of WhatsApp. Here’s how to get it set up.

How to revive WhatsApp on a new phone

1. On your aged phone safeguard we have a giveaway Google Drive app commissioned and running. Download this from Google Play if we do not.

2. Open WhatsApp and daub a 3 dots in a tip right corner, afterwards select Settings Chats Chat backup.

Move WhatsApp messages to a new phone

3. By default (assuming we already have Google Drive installed) WhatsApp will demeanour to behind adult all your files overnight on a daily basis. However, if you’ve been using WhatsApp given or we didn’t have Wi-Fi incited on overnight, it’s probable this backup didn’t happen. Tap a immature Back Up symbol to safeguard we have a finish backup.

Move WhatsApp messages to a new phone

4. On your new phone implement both WhatsApp and Google Drive from Google Play. You will wish to be logged in regulating a same Google comment as on your prior device.

5. Launch WhatsApp, click ‘Agree and Continue’ when presented with a summary about a Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, afterwards follow a prompts to determine your phone number. We’re presumption that we are gripping your phone series yet changing your phone.

6. WhatsApp will immediately demeanour to Google Drive for an existent WhatsApp backup, and it should puncture adult a backup we combined a few moments ago. If we wish to revive all your messages, photos and video on a new device afterwards click a Restore button. (If we select Skip we will get a uninformed designation of WhatsApp.)

Move WhatsApp messages to a new phone

7. WhatsApp will now start downloading your files. Restoring your messages will take only a notation or two, yet if we frequently send video and photos around a use these will take longer. You should find as shortly as your messages have been easy we can start regulating WhatsApp, while your media will continue downloading in a background. Click Next to continue.

8. Enter a name for your WhatsApp profile, afterwards click Next. WhatsApp should now be adult and regulating as it was on your aged device.

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