How to Place Files Shortcuts on Android Home Screen with Google …

You are during a check-in counter, there’s a prolonged reserve of people and a lady during a other finish has usually asked we to benefaction a digital duplicate of some request for verification. You remember saving that record on your phone though don’t accurately remember where we placed it? Maybe a record is in your Gmail inbox, or Google Drive, or is it on a SD card?

Locating files on your mobile phone isn’t always straightforward, generally when we are in a hurry, and this is accurately where Google Drive can help.

Create File Shortcuts on Android Phone

You can upload a record to Google Drive, afterwards open a record inside a Drive app on your Android phone, and daub “Add to Home Screen” to emanate a by-pass to that record on a home screen. You should also check a “Available Offline” choice so that a record by-pass works even when we are outward a coverage are.

Android File Shortcuts

If we would like to place shortcuts to mixed papers on your home screen, it is endorsed that we emanate a folder inside Google Drive and afterwards emanate a shortcut. Unlike files, we can't make an whole folder offline in Drive.

The Dropbox app for Android also allows we to emanate shortcuts for folders by widgets. Long daub any vacant area on your home screen, drag a Dropbox folder widget and name a folder for that we would like to emanate a shortcut.

Please note that a choice to supplement files to home shade is usually accessible inside a Google Drive app though not a Docs, Slides or Sheets app. If we would like to emanate a by-pass to your work-in-progress display on a Android screen, we should do it inside a Drive App, not a Slides App.

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