How to re-enable discerning entrance to Google Photos in Google Drive


Head over to your Google Drive account. See anything missing? You should. Recently, Google private a discerning entrance symbol to Google Photos from Drive. For some this isn’t a problem. For those that cruise themselves energy users, it could supplement an additional step into your workflow. If that discerning entrance to Google Photos was something we used daily, as did I, you’re substantially wishing to get it back.

Fret not, courageous Google Drive users, removing that discerning entrance to Google Photos is possible. With this behind into place, we won’t have to constantly be streamer over to to work with images on your Google cloud.

Now, before we do this, we wish to indicate out something. The entrance we benefit to Google Photos from within Google Drive does not scarcely give we a same energy offering within From within Google Drive, we can view, download, delete, share, tag, and rename your photos, and not most else. Within a tangible Google Photos site, we can do all of that, and use a Assistant, emanate albums, and do teenager edits to images such as rotate, supplement filters, and crop.

Of course, for users like myself, a options offering in Google Photos aren’t adequate to lift me divided from my unchanging modifying collection (such as The GIMP). To that end, we usually need discerning entrance to my photos, hence a need to revive a couple into Google Drive.

How is that done? Let me uncover you.

Restoring a link

Believe it or not, restoring a Google Photos couple is utterly easy. Open Google Drive, click on a rigging icon, and click Settings (Figure A).

Figure A

Figure A

Gaining entrance to Google Drive Settings.

From within a Settings window, check a box for Create a Google Photos folder (Figure B). Once you’ve taken caring of that, click DONE.

Figure B

Figure B

Adding a discerning entrance symbol to Drive is a checkbox away.

With this finished, conduct behind to Google Drive and we should see a discerning entrance couple to Google Photos behind in your left navigation (Figure C).

Figure C

Figure C

Our couple has returned.

Congratulations, we no longer have to tatter that Google took divided a Photos couple from Drive. Although not a understanding breaker, for me carrying this couple creates my work upsurge utterly a bit easier. When we constantly go between Docs and Photos, it only creates clarity to have that discerning entrance link.

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