How to Remove Photos from Google Drive though Not Google Photos

Google Drive and Photos are dual similar nonetheless distinct products for storing photos and videos. Google provides a local choice to sync files in both while we can supplement images and videos exists as well. It does demeanour convenient, though is a bit complicated.

Remove Photos From Google Drive FiRemove Photos From Google Drive Fi

Once you’ve connected Drive and Photos, it’s not easy to undo synced cinema from possibly of them. If we mislay a synced design from one platform, Google will erase it from both of them.

Yup, we review that right. So in this post, we will be holding adult a unfolding where we can undo photos and videos usually from Google Drive though stealing a same files from Google Photos.

Let’s get started.

Case 1: Photos Uploaded from Google Drive App

If we upload photos and videos to a Drive app, Google will count it opposite a altogether Google Drive storage. Unless we sync them with Google Photos by enabling a environment ‘Sync photos videos from Google Drive’ in a app, a images and videos won’t uncover adult there.

Remove Photos From Google Drive 2Remove Photos From Google Drive 2

When we do that, deletion those synced photos becomes tough. As remarkable earlier, deletion a design from one height will mislay it from a other height too.

Remove Photos From Google Drive 1Remove Photos From Google Drive 1

To undo photos usually from Drive though stealing them from Google Photos, we need to supplement those photos to a Google Photos Album (steps below). Once we do that, Google will cruise those images as a partial of Photos. You can afterwards safely undo it from Google Drive though worrying about their participation in Google Photos.

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Add Photos to Albums

To supplement a print to Google Photos album, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch a Photos app and underneath a Photos tab, open a synced print from Google Drive.

Remove Photos From Google Drive 3Remove Photos From Google Drive 3

Step 2: Tap on a three-dot idol during a top-right dilemma and name Add to manuscript from a menu.

Remove Photos From Google Drive 4Remove Photos From Google Drive 4
Remove Photos From Google Drive 5Remove Photos From Google Drive 5

Step 3: Create a new manuscript by drumming on New manuscript or supplement it to an existent album.

Remove Photos From Google Drive 6Remove Photos From Google Drive 6

Step 4: Access a newly combined manuscript from a Albums tab.

Remove Photos From Google Drive 7Remove Photos From Google Drive 7

Alternatively, daub on a New manuscript underneath Albums and supplement mixed photos to it.

To recap, here’s what happens:

  • Delete photos from Drive — Gets deleted from everywhere.
  • Delete from Google Photos — Gets deleted from everywhere.
  • Add photos to Google Photos Album and undo from Drive — Gets deleted from Google Drive only.
  • Add photos to Google Photos Album and undo from Photos — Gets deleted from everywhere.

Case 2: Photos Uploaded from Google Photos App

When we add photos and videos to Google Photos with a Back adult sync enabled, they won’t uncover in Google Drive. But if we are a staunch Google Drive user who wants to see files from Photos in Drive, a underline called Auto Add exists for that. Enabling it will emanate a new folder famous as Google Photos in Google Drive.

Remove Photos From Google Drive 8Remove Photos From Google Drive 8

If you’ve unknowingly enabled a Auto Add setting, all a images from Google Photos will be manifest in Drive. It’s not only photos from a Google Photos apparatus though every print from Google products such as Blogger, Google Maps, Google+, etc., related with your comment will seem there.

When we invalidate a setting, any photos before that indicate will continue to seem in Google Drive, though a new cinema taken after disabling a environment won’t be visible.

If you’ve unknowingly enabled a Auto Add setting, all a images from Google Photos will be manifest in Drive.

But what about a existent files of Google Photos that are now in Drive? How do we mislay them while maintaining in Google Photos? Do we directly undo it from a Google Photos folder on Drive? No. Doing so will undo them from Google Photos as well. Moving photos to a opposite folder on Google Drive and afterwards stealing them will have a same outcome — Google will undo them from both a platforms.

Disabling a underline also doesn’t help. If we undo photos from Drive after disabling it, they are still private from Google Photos as told by Google.

Remove Photos From Google Drive 9Remove Photos From Google Drive 9

So what’s a solution? Basically, we need to undo a Google Photos folder in Google Drive. As mentioned on a Google support page, deletion a whole Google Photos folder on Drive doesn’t mislay a essence from Photos.

Here are a stairs for a same.

1. Disable a Auto Add setting

On Android devices, open Google Drive settings and invalidate Auto Add.

Remove Photos From Google Drive 10Remove Photos From Google Drive 10

On iOS devices, open a Drive app, conduct to a three-bar menu, daub on a gear-shaped Settings icons and daub on Photos. Then spin off Google Photos option.

2. Delete Google Photos Folder

Once disabled, force-quit a Google Photos and Drive apps. Then open a Drive app, and daub on a three-dot idol subsequent to a Google Photos folder. Select Remove from a menu. The folder will be deleted immediately from a Drive though inspiring anything in Google Photos.

Remove Photos From Google Drive 11Remove Photos From Google Drive 11
Remove Photos From Google Drive 12Remove Photos From Google Drive 12

For me, a awful folder was deleted from Drive while maintaining my cinema in Google Photos. Unfortunately, for some users deletion a manuscript resulted in images removing private from Google Photos too. If that happens with you, revive a folder from a rabble in Google Drive.

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Be Careful What You Sync!

Frankly, we would advise gripping Google Drive and Photos files separate. Since adding images on Photos in high quality offers total backup with a ability to entrance them opposite platforms, we won’t be blank on anything if we use them separately. You can use a manuscript underline of Photos to classify your snaps. Use Drive for other forms of files such as ZIP, PDF, audio files, etc., that are not upheld in Photos.

What do we consider about joining Drive and Photos? Let us know in a comments below.

Next up: Looking for Google Photos alternatives for storing pictures? Check how OneDrive differs from Google Photos.

Last updated on 5 Feb, 2019

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