How to Restore Google Pixel’s Disappearing App Icons

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A uncanny emanate has been plaguing some Pixel owners, and Google has nonetheless to dump a repair for a rare problem. Apparently, some people using a Dec 2019 confidence update—if we even have a ability to download it, that we competence not—are seeing that several app icons on their Pixel inclination are disappearing.

The problem doesn’t seem to be specific to any Pixels, as users using a Pixel 2, Pixel 3, and Pixel 4 have all reported a issue. And you’ll know if we have it, since all you’ll see is a vacant space in your Pixel Launcher and a name of a app next where an idol should be (but is not).

You can still daub on an app’s name or a space where a idol should be to launch it, though you’re going to have to get a small some-more artistic to revive a icon.

As Android Authority reports, we can try restarting your home shade launcher by visiting Settings Apps notifications App info, loading adult a Pixel Launcher, drumming “Storage,” and afterwards drumming “Clear Data.” Even then, we competence still have declining icons, though it’s a intensity resolution value exploring while we wait for Google to launch a repair of a own. Simply restarting your Pixel competence also help, though some users are stating that a quirky problem persists.

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