How to sell your aged Google Pixel or Pixel 2 for a many money

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There’s never any necessity of ways to get absolved of your aged smartphone —  generally if it’s in good condition. You could trade it in during a carrier, sell it on eBay, or find a third-party buyer. But a pivotal doubt is: How can we get a top value possible?

While offered your Pixel or Pixel 2 can significantly equivalent a cost of a new device (the new $799 Pixel 3, for instance), it’s tough to know what track to choose. Options like offered it directly to a customer competence seem a small risky, while trade in a device competence not yield we with a top payout. It’s all a bit strenuous and time-consuming. Thankfully, we’re here to assistance with that. Below is a extensive beam to offered your Pixel or Pixel 2, as good as how many we can design to acquire from a sale.

Trade it in

One of a simplest, and so many appealing, options is to trade in your Pixel by Verizon and Project Fi (the disdainful U.S. carriers), Google’s possess website, or stores like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and GameStop. However, this will usually yield we with credit, not money — so it will assistance we with a cost of a new device, yet won’t give we a leisure to do whatever we like with a deduction of your sale. Still, it’s an easy approach to get absolved of your device. Additionally, while it competence not be a many remunerative approach to get absolved of your aged phone, a remuneration is some-more than reasonable in many cases.

To get a credit, you’ll need to possibly move your Pixel into a store or go by an online routine in that we weigh a condition and value of your device. If it’s got a burst shade or other issues, a value drops precipitously, yet there’s no indicate fibbing given they’ll simply find out and cancel a credit. Before we palm it in or send it off, only make certain you’ve corroborated adult all your information and wiped your phone.

Sell it around an online marketplace

Selling your phone directly to another chairman takes some-more time, yet can be some-more financially rewarding. It depends severely on a marketplace sourroundings when we put your Pixel adult for sale, though, that is in itself an ever-changing thing. The best time to sell your phone is generally before a new era comes out, yet given that’s not probable with Pixel 2, you’ll have a bit of competition. Still, there are copiousness of people looking for inexpensive Pixel 2s following a Pixel 3 launch (especially a notch haters out there), so it shouldn’t be too tough to find an meddlesome buyer.

On Craigslist and eBay, we can set your possess seeking price. It’s value it to put a small additional time into creation your listing well-written with appealing photos — you’ll benefit customer trust and get aloft offers. Make certain that we comment for shipping so that we don’t finish adult with an unimpressive net amount. If you’re handing a device off in-person instead, make certain that we keep in mind simple reserve precautions. Meet in a open space, or with a friend. Also, make certain all your information is scrubbed off a device.

For a risk-adverse, Swappa is an even improved choice. It’s an online marketplace dedicated to mobile inclination where any ad is accurate by Swappa staff. You’ll have to go by a few additional stairs of verification, there’s an combined sale fee, and you’ll have to send a device out within dual days if it’s purchased, yet those are reasonable hoops to burst by for a small some-more assent of mind.

Sell it to a company

If you’d rather skip interacting with particular buyers as many as possible, there are several companies that make a routine easier by shopping adult aged smartphones (and subsequently reselling them). Among a many infallible options are Gazelle, uSell, Decluttr, and Glyde, that is a hybrid between a marketplace and an wiring purchasing site. As with trade-ins or Swappa, you’ll have to go by an estimation routine before a association creates an offer, afterwards your site of choice will yield a postage-paid make-up tag for we to send a device away. Once a association has perceived it and accurate a condition, you’ll accept your cut by PayPal or check.

How many is your aged Pixel worth?

Now that we have all a options, let’s take a demeanour during how they smoke-stack up, price-wise, with a few Pixel and Pixel 2 models. Keep in mind a following caveats: this information is accurate as of a time of announcement — Oct 19, 2018 — and is formed on a values supposing for good condition Pixels with bottom levels of inner storage and a strange horse (if a site asks for it).

The eBay prices listed are averages formed on information from Bidvoy, while Glyde’s numbers are endorsed inventory prices, not guaranteed sales amounts.

Pixel (32GB)

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends
  • Glyde: $180
  • eBay: $145
  • Verizon: $145
  • Google Store/Project Fi: $119
  • uSell: $108
  • Decluttr: $102
  • Amazon: $65
  • Gazelle: $65
  • Walmart: $54

Pixel XL (32GB)

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends
  • Glyde: $230
  • eBay: $162
  • Walmart: $142
  • Verizon: $135 (note: yes, it is reduce than a smaller Pixel — we double checked)
  • Google Store/Project Fi: $130
  • uSell: $126
  • Decluttr: $125
  • Amazon: $70
  • Gazelle: $70

Pixel 2 (64GB)

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends
  • eBay: $381
  • Glyde: $350
  • Google Store/Project Fi: $300
  • Amazon: $245
  • Verizon: $228
  • Gazelle: $210
  • Decluttr: $190
  • Best Buy: $180 (before intensity in-store promo value, that varies)

Pixel 2 XL (64GB)

Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends
  • Glyde: $430
  • eBay: $390
  • Google Store/Project Fi: $325
  • Decluttr: $247
  • Amazon: $245
  • Gazelle: $245
  • Verizon: $231
  • Best Buy: $200 (before intensity in-store promo value, that varies)

Helpful tips

  • Wipe your data. This indicate is value reiterating since so many critical information is stored on your mobile device. You unequivocally don’t wish it to tumble into a wrong hands. To totally erase personal info from your aged Pixel, we can conduct to Settings System Reset options Erase all data (factory reset). Just make certain to get all we wish off your device first, or behind it adult to a cloud.
  • Do a consummate multi-site comparison. It doesn’t take prolonged to crop any of a sites mentioned above to find a best price, or, if you’re strapped for time, we can also check out Flipsy, a accessible comparison tool.
  • Keep destiny trades/sales in mind. The improved we take caring of your new phone — for instance, by purchasing insurance, a case, and/or a shade guardian — a aloft your contingent trade-in or resale value is if we wish to bear this routine again in a future.

As for removing a best cost on your new phone — take a demeanour during a buying guides. Hopefully, with a credit or money we acquire from vouchsafing go of your aged Pixel, we can get a glossy new device you’ve been anticipating for during a reasonable price.

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