How to set adult multi-room AirPlay 2 audio and stereo pairing on your HomePod

iOS 11.4 is here, and it brings with it a few rarely expected facilities for Apple’s HomePod speaker, including a ability to emanate a stereo span of dual HomePods and support for Apple’s new multi-room AirPlay 2 standard. Here’s how to get all all set up:

Before we get to a fun part, you’ll have to initial make certain all has been updated to iOS 11.4. To refurbish your phone, you’ll need to conduct over to a Settings app → General → Software Update. As for a HomePod, it should automatically demeanour for and implement a refurbish during midnight, yet we can check that it’s been updated or force a implement yourself by streamer over to a Home app. There, you’ll be means to see if there’s a HomePod refurbish available, download and implement a update, and conduct other facilities for your HomePod. And in a neat option, a Home app can automatically detect if you’ve got mixed HomePods, and download and implement a refurbish for all of them in one shot.

Multi-room audio:

Once you’ve got all your updates installed, Multi-room audio should only work right out of a box. To use it, simply conduct over to your strain app of choice on iOS and start personification strain over AirPlay, and afterwards name one of your HomePod devices. Now, with iOS 11.4, instead of only personification to a singular source, AirPlay 2 concordant speakers will seem in a AirPlay pop-up with a tiny checkbox subsequent to them, permitting we to toggle mixed speakers to all play a same strain from your iPhone. This partial will work for a HomePod, and presumably any other AirPlay 2 speakers you’ll get over down a line.

But with HomePods, there’s an additional turn of multi-room audio that you’ll be means to do, where we can have any orator play eccentric audio streams over Wi-Fi though carrying to use AirPlay during all. For now, this underline is singular to a HomePod, and privately singular to Apple Music subscribers (although, hopefully a Apple TV will also get some arrange of identical ability serve down a line when it eventually gets updated to AirPlay 2.) To take advantage of that feature, conduct to a same AirPlay menu as before — that can be accessed from a AirPlay idol in many strain apps, or a strain widget, and afterwards corkscrew down next a greatest locally personification lane on a iPhone to name one of your HomePod devices. There, you’ll be means to name an Apple Music lane to use as a source, and play that lane to other AirPlay 2 speakers regulating a same checkbox complement as when we were personification from your iPhone directly.

Stereo Pair:

If you’re formulation on gripping your dual HomePods together in one room, though, there’s also a choice to organisation them together as a stereo pair.

To emanate a stereo span — that treats a dual HomePods as one, dissimilar section for AirPlay and Siri functions — conduct on behind over to a Home app, name one of your dual HomePods, conduct into a settings for it, and strike “Create Stereo Pair…” Next, you’ll have a choice to name your second HomePod to emanate a span with. Once selected, you’ll be taken to a second shade to endorse that you’ve got a left and right channels selected scrupulously — drumming on any HomePod will means it to light adult with a carillon to make certain it’s set adult right, and we can simply barter them with another daub — after that you’ll be good to go. When paired, a left HomePod will turn a “main” device, doing microphone duties for Siri requests (which substantially won’t matter given both speakers will be in a same room in this case.)

The grouped HomePod will uncover adult in Apple Music, iTunes, AirPlay, and everywhere else as a singular pair, that will play whatever calm we tide to it in stereo audio. The same stipulations of multi-room AirPlay will request with a stereo-paired HomePod as with a singular one, where you’ll still need Apple Music to make a many of a set up. Lastly — and we haven’t been means to entirely endorse this, due to not carrying a third HomePod around — yet you’ll still presumably be means to use a interconnected stereo HomePod set with multi-room AirPlay 2 audio as well, should we wish.

To ungroup a stereo span and have your dual speakers duty exclusively again, conduct behind over to a Home app, name your interconnected HomePods, and corkscrew down to strike a “Ungroup accessories” button. You’ll be means to re-pair them during any time by following a stairs above.

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