How to Set Up Your New HomePod

Before we can start regulating your new Apple HomePod, you’ll need to set it adult regulating an iPhone or iPad that’s synced to an iCloud account.

During a setup process, HomePod will couple a iCloud comment to personal ask facilities accessed by a orator around Siri voice commands, such as a ability to send messages, set adult reminders, and get calendar notifications.

It will also couple a HomePod to any existent Apple Music subscription tied to that iCloud/iTunes user, so it’s value meditative delicately about that comment hilt in your domicile we wish to associate with a speaker.

For a HomePod setup routine to work you’ll need an iOS device regulating iOS 11.2.5 or later, so check your iPhone or iPad is adult to date. To do so, open a Settings app, daub General – About, and demeanour for a chronicle number. If we need to update, daub behind to Settings, name Software Update, and follow a onscreen instructions.

Enable iCloud Keychain and Two-Factor Authentication

To span HomePod with your selected iCloud comment you’ll also need to have iCloud Keychain and Two-Factor Authentication enabled. You can facilitate a a speaker’s setup routine by creation certain these functions are already activated. See a apart step-by-step guides for regulating iCloud Keychain and Two-Factor Authentication on your iPad and iPhone, and accommodate us behind here when you’ve enabled both.

Once you’ve unboxed a HomePod, place it on a fast prosaic aspect that’s about waist-height and tighten to a energy outlet. Don’t worry too most about where we put it in a room, as HomePod will boldly adjust a audio outlay by examining a environmental acoustics. Now block in a orator section regulating a granted energy wire and follow a instructions below.

Initial HomePod Setup Using an iPhone or iPad

You’re now prepared to start a account-linking setup procession for your new HomePod. The orator uses Apple’s exclusive W1 chip to promulgate with other Apple devices, so if you’ve ever connected a span of wireless AirPods to an iPhone or iPad afterwards you’re already in informed territory. Here are all a stairs we need to follow to set adult HomePod.

  1. Make certain your iPhone or iPad has Bluetooth incited on, and move it tighten to a speaker.
  2. Tap Set Up on a pairing label that appears on your iOS device’s screen.
  3. If we have HomeKit enabled and use mixed homes, you’ll be asked that one we wish HomePod to be compared with. Choose an choice from a list and daub Continue.
  4. Select that room of your home a HomePod is in and daub Continue.
  5. Select Enable Personal Requests to let Siri entrance your messages, reminders, and records whenever your iOS device is on a same Wi-Fi network, or daub Not now if you’d rather not extend this accede for remoteness reasons. You can adjust this environment later.
  6. Tap Continue on a “Siri on HomePod” card.
  7. Tap Agree to determine to Apple’s terms and conditions.
  8. Tap Transfer Settings to use your iCloud account, Wi-Fi, and other applicable settings on your iPhone or iPad to configure your HomePod. You can change them after in a Home app.

At this point, any existent Apple Music subscription will automatically be synced to HomePod, while users but a subscription will be offering a giveaway three-month trial.

Note that if a setup shade doesn’t seem automatically (step 2 above), open a Home app on your iOS device, daub a and (+) pitch in a top right of a screen, and afterwards daub Add Accessory. Lastly, daub “Don’t Have a Code or Can’t Scan?” and name HomePod in a “Nearby Accessories” list.

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