How to share video with Google Slides

Video can assistance people learn how to do things such as use an app, navigate a routine with many steps, or finish a difficult-to-describe task. When people ask how to do something, we can respond with a couple followed by, “Watch this video. Does that answer your question?”

Sometimes, though, we wish people to see several videos in sequence. You can create a YouTube playlist, though usually if all of a videos are on YouTube. Otherwise, we competence accumulate a list of links to videos stored on YouTube, Google Drive, and elsewhere.

Google Slides lets we uncover specific segments of videos, and approximate a videos with additional calm or images.

Here are 4 tips to assistance we work with video in Google Slides.

1. Insert YouTube or Google Drive videos in Slides

You can upload your videos to possibly YouTube or Google Drive, afterwards insert a video into Google Slides from a desktop browser. Generally, we see people upload videos dictated for open pity to YouTube. Videos dictated for private use, such as inner worker or educational viewing, are mostly stored on Google Drive.

To insert video on a slide, go to Insert Video in a menus. You can afterwards hunt for a video from YouTube, pulp a URL of a video from YouTube, or navigate to and name a video record stored on Google Drive.

2. Set your Slides to private or open

You can configure your Slides to be as open or private as we choose. Since a early days of Google Slides, you’ve always had a ability to set entrance permissions to yourself, to people we choose, to people in your organization, or to anyone with a link. Select a blue “Share” symbol in a top right while in Slides to adjust permissions.

Screenshot of Google Slides video options row (shows to a right of calm on a Google Slide), with start  stop times, as good as autoplay and tongue-tied checkboxes.

In Google Slides, configure video extrinsic from YouTube or Google Drive to play a specific shred or to autoplay.

3. Slides supports autoplay segments

From Google Slides in your desktop browser, we can mention a start and finish time to play usually a shred of your comparison video. If we do this, when we benefaction your slides — in a desktop browser or on mobile inclination — only a shred you’ve comparison plays during your presentation.

Separately, we can select “autoplay” or “mute,” as well. As expected, a initial starts a video when we switch to a slide, and a second turns off a sound. Autoplay works with your shred settings: When we switch to a slip with both autoplay and start and finish times, Slides will autoplay a shred specified. If we name play after autoplay ends, a video starts during a commencement of a video. To replay your comparison segment, switch to another slide, afterwards switch back.

4. On mobile, modify video to a GIF for Slides

When we work on Android or iOS, we might notice that we can’t insert video into your Google Slides app. You need a full desktop browser for these functions as of late Jan 2018. Fortunately, video you’ve combined on desktop will play on mobile.

As an alternative, we can modify a video into a GIF, afterwards insert this picture in a Google Slides mobile app. The downside? You’ll need to modify your video to GIF segments smaller than 50 MB and these segments will miss sound, given GIF is an picture format. However, if your video is already captioned or works but sound, this can be a viable option. (I’ve used GIF Maker-Editor on Android and GIF Toaster Pro on iOS to modify video to GIF format.) Once we have your GIF, daub a and (“+”) in Slides, name “From photos,” afterwards name to insert your GIF. One advantage of this proceed is that your GIF will ceaselessly cycle, distinct video, that stops playback.

Your experience?

If we use G Suite, do we share videos for your classification on Google Drive, YouTube, or elsewhere? What has your knowledge been pity videos — and associated training or “how to” information — with Google Slides? Let me know in a comments or on Twitter (@awolber).

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