How to overpower certain notifications in Google Drive


I’m in Google Drive all day. And nonetheless we conclude removing notifications of specific things, there are certain services we unequivocally don’t caring to be updated on. Particularly, we don’t unequivocally caring what’s going on in Google+.

Don’t get me wrong, during one indicate we did. we overtly suspicion Google+ was going to be a subsequent large amicable thing. Instead, it’s turn a place where we can arrange of bond with those of like minds and interests, though we don’t tend to worry with it anymore.

Unfortunately, Google hasn’t satisfied I’ve mislaid my ambience for Google+ and insists that we see notifications from a service. The same thing happens with Google Photos. we don’t need to know that we recently uploaded a print or that a new gif or memory is available. we only wish to work.

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So, instead of permitting those notifications to smoke-stack adult until we have so many that they swamp down my expostulate when we boot them all during once, we opt to simply overpower those notifications. How do we do that? It’s indeed unequivocally simple.

Let me uncover you. Open adult Google Drive and click on a presentation bell icon. From that popup, click on a rigging icon. You should now see On/Off switches for both Google+ and Photos. Slide those to a Off position to invalidate notifications from possibly or both services.

That’s all there is to silencing those notifications in Google Drive. The good thing about this is that it doesn’t meddle with we removing critical notifications, such as when a teammate has edited a common document. Google played it intelligent and singular what notifications we can invalidate from a categorical Google Drive presentation dropdown.

If we wish to overpower other notifications, some collection in a Google landscape (such as Sheets) concede we to conduct presentation manners from within a Tools menu. If we don’t see a Notification manners entrance in a Tools menu, that means you’re out of luck, and you’ll keep removing notifications, either we wish them or not. It might not be perfect, though during slightest we have some control.

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