How to trade in your aged Pixel phone

If we wish to buy a Google Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL yet profitable full price, trade in your aged Pixel is a intelligent approach to do that. But, to get a many value out of your phone, you’d best trade it in earlier than later. Once Google’s subsequent phone is in a wild, a value of your comparison Google Pixel or Google Pixel 2 phone will severely diminish.

When a Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are announced, many will confirm possibly they’ll go for a latest or instead buy a easily used phone from an comparison era that will fit their needs yet violation a bank. If you’ve got an comparison Pixel indication and are prepared for an upgrade, here are a few stairs to take to get your device prepared for selling, followed by how many money we can design to acquire back.

Inspect your phone

If your aged Pixel device is in good condition, we shouldn’t have many of a problem anticipating a new owner. As mentioned in our beam on offered your iPhone, carrying a phone in good condition is essential in anticipating a customer who’s peaceful to compensate tip dollar.

Even if your phone isn’t in a best shape, we should still be means to get something for your trade. Take into care a blemishes, including scratches, dents, cracks, and any other quirks that a subsequent owners should know about. Be honest, or else it will substantially come behind to punch you.

Erase your phone

If your Pixel or Pixel 2 has a many present Android Pie software, erasing your phone starts with navigating to a settings menu, afterwards to “Google services and preferences.” Once you’re there, click “Google account” to cavalcade down another level, afterwards strike “security.” Scroll down until we see “your devices,” afterwards click a device you’re regulating and name “remove.” This will pointer we out of a device that you’re trade in.

The subsequent step is to bureau reset a phone. Back during a categorical settings menu, name “system” and afterwards strike “advanced” during a bottom. If we devise to revive your phone on a Pixel 3 or 3 XL, make certain you’ve corroborated adult to Google Drive recently. Otherwise, going into “reset options” will take we to a final step. Select “erase all information (factory reset)” to totally clean a device’s storage.

Find a best offer

As for where we can sell your aged Pixel phone, is a tip collect with a healthy village of buyers and sellers. At a time of this writing, we mount to get some-more for your Pixel here than many other places. And distinct offered IRL by Craigslist, protects both ends of a transaction with PayPal.

Google’s possess trade-in module can be accessed during a checkout routine for a new phone. Put plainly, Google doesn’t offer all that many for your aged Pixel, yet it’s a good choice if your phone isn’t in a best shape, or if you’re peaceful to settle on removing a smaller lapse in sell for evident money back.

Google Pixel

Photo by Sean O’Kane / The Verge

For a strange Pixel in good condition with 32GB of storage, you’re looking during adult to $200 behind in your pocket, reduction any fees we determine to compensate by offered on If we possess a 128GB model, supplement another $50 or so to that. No matter a indication you’re offered back, if we purchased your Pixel by Verizon, a sealed bootloader means that you’ll be looking during a somewhat reduce value, notwithstanding it being means to work on any carrier.

Selling on Google around a trade-in module will get we a prosaic $130 for possibly a 32GB or 128GB model, regardless of carrier. Should your device be burst or have a malfunctioning screen, Google will give we adult to $105.

The offered cost for a Pixel XL on now starts around $230 for a 32GB indication in good condition, and works adult to usually about $270 for a 128GB version. Again, Verizon’s sealed bootloader affects a trade-in value here, as it does for a smaller Pixel.

Contrary to a trend on, Google will compensate we more if we sell behind a Pixel XL that was purchased during Verizon. Trading adult with Google offers $153 for a 32GB indication from Verizon, or $183 for a 128GB on Verizon. If your phone isn’t from Verizon, a 32GB indication will fetch $143, and a 128GB chronicle will get we $171. Should your 32GB trade-in be burst or have a teenager shade malfunction, you’ll get adult to $110. $123 is headed your approach for a somewhat shop-worn 128GB model.

Google’s Pixel 2

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Google doesn’t now accept a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL for trade, as a new phone isn’t accessible yet, yet we design this to change following a Pixel 3’s proclamation on Oct 9th.

Heading over to, you’re expected to get around $400 in money if your Pixel 2 is in good shape. There are now yet a few 128GB models listed, so if we have one to trade in, it still binds tighten to $500 in value. As is a box for a first-generation devices, a Verizon-sold Pixel 2 isn’t as valuable, yet you’re usually looking during about a $20-50 disproportion in trade-in yield.

The Pixel 2 XL, notwithstanding a aloft squeeze price, has mislaid utterly a bit of value in a past year, according to’s stream set of listings. While bad for those who are trade in, it’s good if you’re a buyer. If we trade in now, we can get usually over $400 for your 64GB Pixel 2 XL. For a 128GB in good condition, you’re looking during a nearby $500 return. It’s not quite startling to see that a white and black Pixel 2 XL fetches a aloft cost due to a batch shortages of this indication during launch.

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