How to refurbish a Apple HomePod’s software

Alongside iOS 11.3, Apple on Thursday expelled AudioOS 11.3, an updated chronicle of a program that powers a company’s intelligent speaker. Since a launch, a HomePod ($399.00 during Walmart) has run chronicle 11.2.5.

By default, a refurbish routine should be finished in a background, but any communication on your part. However, if we wish to force a refurbish or occur to have incited off involuntary updates during some point, here’s what we can do to refurbish your HomePod right now:


Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET

  • Open a Home app. 
  • Tap on a Location icon. 
  • Locate the Speakers territory and name Software Update.
  • Pull to modernise on this page to force a HomePod to demeanour for a update. 

The routine will take roughly 10 minutes, withdrawal a orator obsolete during that time. The shade on tip of a HomePod will uncover an charcterised white ring during a refurbish process.Once a lights go away, your HomePod is updated. 

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