How to refurbish your HomePod

The HomePod runs a customized chronicle of iOS on a A8 processor. Fortunately, it will (by default) keep itself present automatically, so we don’t have to fiddle with a singular controls to refurbish a software.

But if a new HomePod program chronicle drops and we wish to force an refurbish as shortly as possible, or if you’ve incited off involuntary updates and need to do it manually, it’s not to difficult. Here’s what we do:

1. Open a Home app and daub on a plcae arrow in a top left. If we have mixed “Homes,” be certain to daub it when during a Home that contains a HomePod we wish to update. But many of us usually have one Home.

homepod refurbish 01IDG

Tap a tiny plcae button.

2. Scroll down to a Speakers territory and daub on Software Update.

homepod refurbish 02IDG

Tap Software Update underneath a Speakers heading.

3. You’ll see a toggle to Install Updates Automatically, that is enabled by default. This shade also lists a chronicle series of a program using on your HomePod. Drag a shade downward to force a program modernise and implement a new version, if one is available.

homepod refurbish 03IDG

Drag this shade down to force a refresh. 

It can take some time for a new chronicle to uncover adult for everyone, so don’t weird out if we hear that new program is accessible and your HomePod won’t refurbish to it right away. Wait a few hours and try again.

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