How to use gesticulate controls on HomePod

HomePod’s primary interface is by regulating voice with Siri. However, infrequently it’s simply some-more available to go adult to HomePod and control it with a reason surface. Follow along to learn how to use gesticulate controls on HomePod.

How to use gesticulate controls on HomePod

Using gesticulate controls on HomePod should be flattering informed to anyone who has owned an iPod, or used an iPhone with a classical Apple earbuds or EarPods.

When audio is personification with HomePod, we see a + and black adult top. These paint volume and volume down. Tapping anywhere else on a arrangement will pause/play music. Additionally, double drumming will skip to a subsequent track, and triple drumming will skip behind a track.

If you’re nearby HomePod, though are in a loud/feel ungainly yelling “Hey Siri” we can daub and reason anywhere on a tip (minus volume buttons) to plead Siri.

Check out a blueprint next if we need any additional help!

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