How to use Google Drive for collaboration

Many people consider of Google Drive as a cloud storage and sync service, and it is that — though it also encompasses a apartment of online bureau apps that are allied with Microsoft Office. Google Docs (the word processor), Google Sheets (the spreadsheet app) and Google Slides (the display app) can import and trade Microsoft Office files, and we can use them to work together with colleagues on a document, spreadsheet or presentation, in genuine time if we wish.

Here are a essentials to know in sequence to effectively use Google Drive’s bureau apartment to collaborate.

Sharing and entrance options

Google Drive gives we fine-tuned control over who can see your files and what they can do with them.

Public vs. private sharing

There are dual ways we can share a Google Drive document, spreadsheet or display with other people. (For simplicity’s consequence we’ll usually contend “document” from now on, though a same stairs request to spreadsheets and presentations.)

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