How to watch Shark Week 2018 live but cable

Apparently, no.

Shark Week is a themed retard of shark-related TV programming that front each year on a Discovery channel. This year, a eventuality is celebrating a 30th anniversary, and to symbol a occasion, Discovery has a diverse—dare we contend toothy—lineup of shark calm during a ready. It starts tonight (Sunday, Jul 22) during 7 p.m. ET with Alien Sharks: Greatest Hits, followed by Bear vs. Shark during 8 p.m., and Shaq Does Shark Week during 9 p.m. You can find a full report here.

Because we mostly write about cord-cutting, some PR folks had pitched me a few Shark Week ideas directed during people though cable. Frustratingly, Discovery is one of a some-more formidable wire channels to find on standalone streaming platforms (it’s blank from Sling TV and YouTube TV, for instance), so we motionless to write this accessible guide, even though, again, we didn’t unequivocally know what Shark Week was.

If we go to a Shark Week page, you’ll find a link for how to watch it live online, though that’s usually going to assistance we if we have login certification from a wire or satellite TV provider. If you’re loyal cord-cutter though entrance to a wire login, I’ve dull adult a few services that offer live streaming of a Discovery channel below. Happy shark hunting!

  • PlayStation Vue: Sony’s streaming use offers Discovery as partial of a core package. It’s also using a five-day giveaway trial. Find it here.
  • DirecTV Now: The ATT-owned use offers Discovery as partial of a “live a little” package. Find it here.
  • Free Content From Discovery: If we don’t feel like signing adult for a streaming service, Discovery is charity some Shark Week calm for giveaway online. Find it here.

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