HTC has cancelled a standalone Daydream headset announced …

HTC has cancelled a standalone Daydream headset that was announced during Google I/O progressing this year.

The termination of a HTC Daydream headset was reliable to TechCrunch, with a HTC orator saying ‘We still have a good attribute with Google, yet will not be bringing a standalone device to a western markets on Daydream’. TechCrunch also perceived a acknowledgment of a termination from Google VR/AR product lead Clay Bavor who tweeted:

HTC seemed to be utterly meddlesome in releasing a standalone headset, teasing a launch shortly after a proclamation on-stage during Google I/O display a Vive branded Daydream View headset. The Vive branded Daydream headset product page is still live during this stage, yet with a termination it should be taken down soon.

HTC is carrying utterly a lot of success with their Vive Virtual Reality headset, yet a same can’t be pronounced for their mobile business. Earlier this year, Google announced they had bought into a partnership with HTC effectively shopping out their mobile multiplication charity a salvation to that finish of a business. It stands to reason that HTC wouldn’t wish to murky a waters with another headset.

The proclamation of standalone Daydream headsets at Google I/O included headsets from both Lenovo and HTC, yet with HTC pulling out of a recover it leaves Lenovo far-reaching open to distinction from standalone Daydream headsets. Lenovo has been creation in-roads in both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality with their recently expelled Jedi Challenge headset, and churned existence ‘Explorer‘ branded headset for Windows 10.

Lenovo teased their standalone Daydream headset soon after Google I/O and it appears that they still intend to recover their standalone Daydream. For what it’s worth, their micro-site is still display a headset as well.

No proclamation has been done by Lenovo on accurately when we’ll see their headset, yet Google has reliable it should be accessible by a finish of a year.

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