Huawei competence be creation a absolute phone for mobile gamers

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Razer wasn’t being crazy when it done a gaming-focused Razer Phone — turns out it was forward of a curve, and creation a smartphone that’s optimized for games is apparently a new hotness, with both a Asus ROG Phone and a Red Magic Phone on a horizon. Huawei is apparently looking to be a latest serve to that list, and rumors contend that a Chinese association will be looking to recover a gaming-themed smartphone. While sum are scarce, here’s all we know about Huawei’s gaming phone.


It’s protected to design that Huawei’s exclusive program will underline heavily in this phone, and we design a recently expelled GPU Turbo addition will play a executive purpose in gripping this gaming phone ticking. According to Huawei, GPU Turbo will boost a gaming potency of Huawei’s Kirin chips by 60 percent, while also slicing battery expenditure by a third. That creates for considerable reading, and according to some sources, Huawei will be further optimizing and advancing that same tech for a gaming phone.

What could that meant for Huawei’s gaming phone? We haven’t had possibility to get a hands on a GPU Turbo refurbish yet, though if it’s anywhere nearby as a insubordinate as Huawei claims it to be, and can make a mid-range phone pulls a sorts of framerates you’re some-more used to saying on a flagship device, afterwards saying it used on a device done only for gaming could be incredible.


As we competence design from a gaming-focused device, Huawei’s gaming phone is approaching to have some flattering considerable specs. It’s protected to design that it will possibly equal or surpass a specs of a Asus ROG Phone, and given that includes a intensely absolute Snapdragon 845 and 8GB of RAM, that’s already copiousness powerful.

Since a Huawei gaming phone is approaching in a later months of 2018 during a really earliest, it’s probable that a phone will come packaged with a newly upgraded chronicle of Huawei’s proprietary Kirin processor. The Kirin 970 chip, used on a Huawei P20 Pro, is already flattering damn powerful, sitting between a Snapdragon 835 and 845 in terms of benchmarking results, and delivering clever performance. An upgraded chronicle of a Kirin chip could be adequate to tip a Snapdragon 845 in terms of tender power, and broach a show-stopping performance.

Release date and price

Like many of this phone, we don’t know a outrageous volume about a designed recover date yet. According to an interview with Huawei Consumer Business President Jim Xu, Huawei is aiming to have this phone expelled by a second half of 2018. That’s a flattering large ballpark, and deliberation we’re already some-more than median by a year already, it competence be protected to assume that it’ll be serve towards a tail finish of a year.

We know even reduction about a designed price. Since it’s approaching to be a device with high-end specifications, it’s not astray to design this device to pull into a top echelons of flagship pricing — $800-$900 competence not be distant off.

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