Huawei’s new AI orator looks an awful lot like a Apple HomePod

Huawei unequivocally has a thing for design. Unfortunately, a preferences seem to run toward a designs of other companies. At an eventuality in China final week, a Chinese tech hulk introduced a latest intelligent speaker, called simply a Huawei A.I. Speaker, according to Engadget. You competence notice a few similarities between a orator and a certain one from Apple.

Yes, a Huawei A.I. Speaker looks flattering damn tighten to Apple’s HomePod. It has a short, sturdy, and cylindrical pattern usually like a HomePod. It has earthy controls right on a tip of a orator usually like a HomePod. (Apple’s usually has a transparent “+” and “-” symbol on a tip though those can be used to submit a series of hold and gesture-based controls, while a Huawei A.I. Speaker has a “+” button, “-” button, tongue-tied button, and a symbol to accept calls.) And it has a filigree fabric cover usually like, we guessed it, a HomePod.

There are a few ways a Huawei A.I. Speaker separates itself from Apple’s offering. First, it uses Huawei’s possess artificially intelligent partner Xiaoyi to hoop all of a voice commands. Xiaoyi creates it easy to confederate a A.I. Speaker into existent Huawei products as partial of a company’s HiLink complement for connected devices. Perhaps some-more importantly, a A.I. Speaker has a most opposite cost tab than Apple’s HomePod. While a HomePod goes for $350, Huawei’s orator will be labelled during 399 yuan ($60). That’s a most friendlier proceed to your wallet.

This isn’t a initial time that Huawei has drawn impulse from a competitor’s pattern when formulating a intelligent speaker. The company’s A.I. Cube, that is one partial orator with voice partner and one partial Wi-Fi router, looks flattering damn identical to a Google Home, Google’s initial charity in a intelligent orator market. It also looks zero like a cube. In further to charity additional connectivity with a built-in router, a Huawei A.I. Cube also had Alexa on board.

Huawei has apparently motionless to skip from third-party voice assistants with a newest intelligent speaker, that is good if you’re already in a company’s ecosystem though reduction ideal if we like to keep your options open when it comes to A.I. assistants.

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