I can’t stop personification Apple’s crafty new HomePod ad

There’s so most going on in Apple’s latest HomePod ad that we don’t know where to begin. The four-minute quirky journey into strain is accompanied by a dancing FKA twigs, and a new lane from Anderson .Paak. This talent is corroborated adult by instruction from Spike Jonze, famous for lots of different strain videos like Beastie Boys’ Sabotage, directing cinema Her and Being John Malkovich, and even an amazing redolence ad. While a directing and dancing is impressive, it’s a strain that Apple has exclusively sourced that has me gripped.

The YouTube and TV ads debuted dual days ago, and it’s already amassed scarcely 5 million views on YouTube alone. I’ve had it on repeat ever since. I’d routinely dump a imagination new strain into a playlist on Spotify, yet Anderson .Paak’s Til It’s Over is nowhere to be seen on a opposition streaming strain use usually yet. That’s not a box with Apple Music, where we can happily tide a latest singular until your heart’s content.

I haven’t cared about Drake or Chance a Rapper’s Apple Music exclusives in a past, yet there’s something about this latest Anderson .Paak lane that gets my feet relocating (almost) like FKA twigs’. It’s a initial time I’ve felt like I’m blank out not carrying an Apple Music subscription, and that’s accurately how Apple wants me to feel. That creates Apple’s HomePod announcement a crafty Apple Music ad in disguise, one of Apple’s latest masterstrokes of marketing.

Apple’s HomePod is a summary of being sealed into Apple’s program and services. The orator usually works with a Siri partner (that’s not as entirely featured as Alexa or Google) and Apple’s possess strain service. Sure, we can tide Spotify over AirPlay, yet who wants to do that after profitable $349 for a supposed intelligent speaker? Apple wants we to switch from Spotify to Apple Music, and a HomePod reinforces that. This latest ad is usually another crafty conflict in Apple’s fight opposite Spotify.

I’m not descending for it, though. Anderson .Paak’s latest lane is great, yet it’s nowhere nearby adequate to clear being sealed into Apple’s approach of life.

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