iCloud vs Google Drive: In-Depth Comparison

Google Photos vs. My Photo Stream

While we can manually upload photos and videos to Google Drive, it’s always best to instead use Google Photos for a task. Although it’s still tied to your Google Drive storage quota, Google Photos brings home a neat warn of a own.

Simply use a High Quality mode to upload your photos and videos, and they won’t use adult any storage that is flattering neat given large multimedia libraries should no longer poise problems. While your files are dense to a certain grade (16MP for photos and 1080p for videos), a rebate in visible peculiarity unequivocally shouldn’t means difficulty for normal usage.

Icloud Vs Google Drive In Depth Comparison 6Icloud Vs Google Drive In Depth Comparison 6
High Quality doesn’t count. Original counts.

iCloud Photo Library, on a other hand, syncs your multimedia library opposite inclination including Windows. While there’s no choice identical to Google Photos that allows for total uploads, iCloud still offers a ability to switch to My Photo Stream, providing singular photo-syncing capabilities (1,000 images during any given time) during 0 cost to storage.

Icloud Vs Google Drive In Depth Comparison 7Icloud Vs Google Drive In Depth Comparison 7
Switch to My Photo Stream, and your photos won’t use adult storage despite with serious limitations.

My Photo Stream, however, deletes your corroborated adult photos from iCloud automatically after 30 days, and shouldn’t be used unless we are unequivocally regulating out of space on a cloud.

Free Storage

iCloud offers 5GB of giveaway storage per account, that is flattering scant. One iOS complement backup, total with a few hundred high-resolution photos is all it takes to fill adult your giveaway share of storage. And afterwards it’s time to pay. Apple has been sticking with a same giveaway baseline given 2011, that is absurd deliberation how most storage mandate have ballooned over a years.

Google Drive instead provides a inexhaustible 15GB of cloud storage, that apparently should take a while to fill up. There are also exceptions on what accurately depends toward your quota that creates things ever better. For example, papers that we emanate regulating Google Docs doesn’t use adult space, that means that we can have thousands of papers though regulating an iota of storage.

Google Drive instead provides a inexhaustible 15GB of cloud storage, that apparently should take a while to fill up

And afterwards there’s a understanding with Google Photos, that as we found out, allows for total print and video uploads. Hence, with some intelligent management, Google Drive should final extremely longer on normal compared to iCloud.

Pricing Tiers

A singular area where both cloud storages can determine on is pricing — during slightest when it comes to cost per GB. iCloud’s evident paid storage tier lies in during 50GB and costs $0.99 per month, while Google Drive offers 100GB during $1.99/mo. Pretty identical if we do a math, though iCloud provides an advantage if we don’t need storage over 50GB.

Icloud Vs Google Drive In Depth Comparison 9Icloud Vs Google Drive In Depth Comparison 9
Additional Google Drive storage tiers are also accessible during 10TB, 20TB, and 30TB.

iCloud and Google Drive also underline additional storage tiers during 200GB and 2TB, and assign $2.99 and $9.99 respectively — no differences there whatsoever. If we unequivocally wish even some-more storage, it’s Google Drive that’s got we lonesome with a 10TB, 20TB, and 30TB tiers.

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