Infographic: How to get a many from your Google Drive

How do we keep your work organized?

Do we store backups in a cloud, or save your work to a backup hard
drive? How do we share files with remote employees or group members?

The Google apartment offers a lot of coherence for calm creators and
communicators operative with spread-out teams. Google Drive, Google’s backup
storage in a cloud, helps users combine and save their work to
maximize potency and strengthen their projects.


Earn approval for your innovative and considerable comms campaigns

This infographic
Net Credit
shares useful facilities for PR pros and communicators of all stripes.

They include:

  • How to work offline
  • How to indicate papers with your Android phone
  • How to revive prior versions
  • How to form with your voice

Learn a full operation of nifty facilities that could assistance accelerate your
efforts by checking out
the full guide

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