Initial pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S9 reportedly down compared to Galaxy S8 sales


Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, a Galaxy S9, might be underperforming compared to a prior model, with a news on South Korean sales and an analyst’s pre-order note suggesting a categorical opposition to Apple’s iPhone’s launch is reduce than a wiring hulk anticipated.

Arthur Wood Research researcher Jeff Johnson’s note to investors seen by AppleInsider suggests a pre-orders for a Galaxy S9 are down approximately 50 percent compared to those of a Galaxy S8. Johnson writes a pre-orders are “significantly underperforming pre-launch expectations of 10 percent to 15 percent growth.”

South Korea, Samsung’s home country, is also clearly just in a Galaxy S9, with Yonhap News sources also report that a first-day sales opening in a nation was around 70 percent that of a S8. While a Galaxy S8 is pronounced to have racked adult 260,000 pre-orders final year, usually 180,000 units of a S9 seem to have been pre-ordered this year.

Johnson suggests a reduce orders is a pointer of business “upgrading [at] a most slower gait as facilities are descending on deaf ears.” The researcher suggests “smartphone sales are starting to decrease during an accelerating rate,” impacting not usually Samsung’s flagship mobile device, though a attention as a whole.

Calling it a cryptic trend, Johnson believes this could be an emanate for companies like Apple and bequest member producers in smartphone supply chains, identifying Broadcom, Qualcomm, Cirrus Logic, and Skyworks Solutions as intensity victims.

“We consider AAPL supply sequence investors are already on corner given what’s been reported so far,” Johnson writes, “but we fear that smartphone direct over a subsequent integrate of buliding is staid to disappoint.” The researcher predicts this will means carriers to furnish “more assertive promotions” in sequence to change additional inventory.

More information on a Galaxy S9 sequence conditions is approaching over a subsequent week.

The Galaxy S9 perceived mixed reviews from critics this week, with a identical pattern to a prototype and underwhelming new facilities overshadowing a specification improvements.

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