iPhone 8 has a smaller battery than a iPhone 7 or Samsung’s Galaxy S8

Battery empty issues with iOS 11? Here’s some easy fixes

There’s one thing that shrunk in a new iPhone 8: The battery.

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A teardown by correct specialists at iFixit shows that a battery inside a iPhone 8 is a 3.82V, 1,821mAh dungeon that delivers adult to 6.96Wh of power. This is significantly smaller — 7 percent to be accurate — than a 7.45Wh battery found in a iPhone 7.

‚ÄčThe iPhone 8 facilities a 3.82 V, 1,821 mAh Li-ion cell

The iPhone 8 facilities a 3.82V, 1,821mAh Li-ion dungeon (Image: iFixit)

For comparison, a Samsung Galaxy S8 facilities an 11.55Wh battery.

However, notwithstanding this rebate in battery size, Apple claims that a battery life is on standard with progressing iPhones, so it’s expected that Apple is creation adult a disproportion with some-more fit silicon.

Also, if we do find a battery removing low, we have a choice to quick assign (with a right hardware), along with wireless charging, interjection to a Qi-compatible wireless charging coil.

‚ÄčThe iPhone 8 facilities a built-in Qi-compatible charging coil

The iPhone 8 facilities a built-in Qi-compatible charging coil. (Image: iFixit)

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