iPhone X VS Razer Phone VS OnePlus 5T Speed Test

When it comes to selecting a smartphone, there are many things to take into consideration, like arrangement size, resolution, camera, and so on. However if there is one thing that users should substantially also cruise is a volume of RAM that comes enclosed with a phone, since as a video above shows, a volume of RAM positively has a outrageous impact on performance.

The video above by PhoneBuff sees a iPhone X VS a Razer Phone VS the OnePlus 5T in a speed test. The iPhone X comes with 3GB of RAM while a Razer Phone and OnePlus 5T underline 8GB of RAM and also roughly matching hardware specs, save for a arrangement in that a Razer Phone has a arrangement with a modernise rate of 120Hz.

In a initial round, a iPhone X managed to blow past a foe with a ton of ease, completing a initial turn in 1 notation 17 seconds, while a OnePlus 5T took 1 notation 19 seconds, while a Razer Phone clearly lagged behind with 1 notation 29 seconds. However a second turn that was fundamentally a exam of multitasking and gripping apps open in a background, it is transparent that a 8GB of RAM helped.

The OnePlus 5T eventually took a climax by holding 26 seconds to free all a apps, while a Razer Phone took 30 seconds. As for a iPhone X, it seems that a 3GB of RAM unequivocally slowed it down as many of a apps had to be relaunched, ensuing in a second turn completing in 54 seconds, some-more than double that of a OnePlus 5T.

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