Is Augmented Reality a Future of HomePod?

Is protracted existence a destiny of HomePod? A HomePod obvious unclosed over a weekend shows an AR headset as a controller (via Patently Apple).

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AR HomePod

A blueprint from a HomePod obvious shows how it can act as a home automation hub. Using Siri around HomePod, we can use it to control several intelligent appliances. And it also showed an AR or MR (mixed reality) headset.

image of homepod ar patent

HomePod AR patent. Image credit: Patently Apple

Wearing a headset a chairman would see special interfaces permitting them to control a HomePod:

In some embodiments, a array orator can be configured to correlate with wearable arrangement #2218. The wearable arrangement can take a form of protracted existence or practical existence goggles that benefaction digital calm to a user. When a wearable arrangement is an protracted existence arrangement it can conceal several control interfaces around ‘array speaker’.

For example, a HomePod could arrangement a practical equalizer a chairman could use to configure a sound. In another scenario, an AR conceal could uncover we accurately that areas of a room a HomePod’s audio can reach. Using a headset like this, we could excellent balance a audio for your home.

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