Is Bitcoin A Giffen Good?

As Bitcoin streaks towards $6,000 we continue to consider about what will expostulate it higher.  In a nearby term, it struck me that Bitcoin is working as a Giffen good.

The Higher a Price – The Greater a Demand

Giffen products are tangible as ‘those products whose direct rises as their cost rises’.  This is a conflicting of how many products act – as prices rise, direct falls off.  In a box of Bitcoin, it seems transparent to me that we are in a theatre where rising prices fuels serve direct – like a Giffen good.

This creates sense, since as we have said, so many people we pronounce to are examining bitcoin (and cryptocurrencies) to see if they fit in their portfolio or not.  As they hunt for information, they constantly run into a bitcoin ‘evangelists’ who venerate cryptocurrencies and never have a bad word to contend about them.  Even problem is usually a teenager reversal on a trail to widespread acceptance and new highs.  At a other finish of a spectrum, they come opposite a ‘bitcoin is a bubble’ essay that is also prevalent.  So they are ripped either we are still in a early stages of a code new complement that will change income as we know it, or we are formulating values that will make a Tulip Mania seem reasonable.

I consider aloft prices, for now, will attract some-more interest.  As prices rise, some-more people who doubt a validity, will confirm it is value a shot to invest.  we now consider that function is how a Giffen good works, the detractors will fast indicate out that a Giffen good and what creates a burble start is nonexistent.  The detractors might be scold (I continue to trust that blockchain will be critical over a prolonged run – we am reduction assured that Bitcoin will be viable in a prolonged run – yet that doesn’t stop me from attempting to trade it).

The origination of a Bitcoin ETF would accelerate the  cost arise in a nearby term.  Many of a intensity buyers who we pronounce to, who are apropos some-more assured that they are blank out on something as they see a cost rise, would most cite to deposit (speculate) regulating some-more normal vehicles – like an ETF in their brokerage account.  Until that occurs, there will be some pool of intensity buyers who only aren’t peaceful to spend a time and bid to emanate wallets and truly join a crypto universe (though that organisation is timorous as prices rise).

So for now, rising prices will expected lead to some-more buyers, as doubters and skeptics turn converted.  The danger, is that descending prices will tend unlawful some-more sellers, as fears that a ‘bubble theory’ is scold will resonate.  For that to occur, we consider we need to see another accordant try by governments or executive banks to pull back.

Some will contend that a batch marketplace behaves as a Giffen good – generally for movement investors, yet we disagree.  Stocks have some prolonged tenure metrics that investors understand.  They might be peaceful to enter into new domain relations to that metric – yet many investors will not buy merely since cost is higher.  Sellers will emerge as valuations turn stretched.  Something like Bitcoin, with no normal gratefulness metrics is really opposite from a batch market.

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