Is this Nokia’s subsequent large phone?

We’ve already had a Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 this year, yet there are rumors of a Nokia 7, Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 too, and one of them competence have only been shown off in a silken video.

Posted to Vimeo by art executive George Chevalier Lewis, a video is patrician ‘Nokia Reveal Film’ and looks like it’s substantially an central promotional film – despite one that substantially shouldn’t be out in a furious yet.

Alongside a 3 existent Nokia smartphones a fourth is shown off, and this one has a dual-lens camera – that both a Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 are rumored to have.

Otherwise, it looks rather identical to a Nokia 6, with a expected steel build, shown here in a silken purple, and behind and new keys next a screen.

Small body, large screen

Interestingly yet it looks like there competence not be a earthy home button, and a altogether measure of a handset seem somewhat smaller than a Nokia 6. Whether that means this phone will have a smaller shade than that 5.5-incher, or either it’s only packaged into a smaller frame, is unclear.

If this is a Nokia 9 afterwards rumors elsewhere advise a shade will be a same size, yet with a crook QHD resolution, while a dual-lens camera is rumored to be 22MP.

How loyal any of that indeed is stays to be seen, yet a 25 Nov date on a close shade in this video could meant that’s when a phone will launch – generally as progressing rumors suggested we competence not be means to buy a Nokia 9 until late in a year.

Then again, a same date is shown on a already-announced handsets, and it says that’s a Sunday, that it’s not this year, so we wouldn’t put too most faith in it.

Via @evleaks 

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