It looks like Samsung’s arriving Galaxy Note 8 will be a somewhat incomparable Galaxy S8 with only a few differences

Tech site
has performed picture renders of a arriving Samsung
Galaxy Note 8 from a third-party box manufacturer, that can
give us an thought of what to pattern before Samsung’s announcement
of a Note 8. 

Supposedly, a mock-ups are formed on “genuine” leaked details
and schematics. With that said, a mock-ups do seem to match
what a gossip indent is observant about a Galaxy Note 8. You can
check out a renders on
BGR’s website

galaxy s8 conceptYouTube/Concept Creator

Based on a mock-ups, it looks like a Galaxy Note 8 will have
a identical pattern to a Galaxy S8. It’ll have a S8’s new
“infinity” arrangement with ultra-narrow borders, dull display
corners, a high aspect-ratio display, and a dual-lens camera

As is standard of Samsung’s Note devices, a Note 8 will likely
have a incomparable arrangement than many other Galaxy S devices.
Supposedly, a Note 8 will have a 6.3-inch display, that is
usually somewhat bigger than a S8+’s 6.2-inch display. The Note 8
will also expected come with a signature stylus for note-taking
and other Note-specific features.

It also looks like a Galaxy Note 8 will also come with a same
argumentative underline from a Galaxy S8: a dedicated symbol for
Samsung’s Bixby AI voice assistant. Samsung’s Bixby has nonetheless to
infer itself, generally deliberation it has a possess dedicated
symbol that Samsung won’t concede users to customize.

galaxy note 8 conceptYouTube/Concept Creator

Another underline that might infer unpopular in a Note 8 is the
rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, that invoked churned reactions
when Samsung announced a same underline in a Galaxy S8. Indeed,
users found a S8’s rear-mounted fingerprint scanner was placed
too tighten to a back camera, and it’s ungainly and tough to tell
what’s a camera and what’s a scanner with only your

On a Note 8, however, it looks like Samsung might have addressed
a issue, during slightest to a certain extent. It seems like the
rear-mounted fingerprint scanner could be somewhat serve away
from a back camera, that could make it reduction ungainly and easier
to discern a scanner from a camera.

Either way, we’ll have to see what Samsung announces during its
Note 8 announcement. The luckless Galaxy Note 7 was announced
final October, so we’d pattern that Samsung announces a Note 8
around a same time. Some rumors explain that Samsung skeleton to
betray a latest Note device as early as late July, though that’s
also an unconfirmed rumor. 

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