Jivi Banana 6 review: Cheap duplicate of strange banana phone, a Nokia 8110

Jivi, a home-grown mobile phone code famous for bill phones, recently launched a Banana 6 during Rs 1,299. Replica of a Nokia 8110 underline phone, famous for a banana-shaped pattern and ordinarily famous as a strange banana phone, a Jivi Banana 6 is also a underline phone with a winding pattern and a slider on a front, covering a keypad.

In terms of design, a phone’s splendid yellow colour pops out too most and competence not go down good with everyone. The slider resource is suggestive of a good aged Nokia days when phones with sliders and flaps were common. However, a peculiarity of a slider does not seem to be good. It feels out of a place while shifting down and requires consistent efforts to keep it intact. The slider is used for unlocking/locking a phone and receiving calls.

The behind of a phone has a removable cover with a battery, dual-SIM and microSD container underneath. The phone is powered by 1,000 mAh battery. On a front, a phone has a 2.4-inch arrangement lonesome with 2.5D glass. There are a T9 keypad and a trackpad for navigation next a screen. The keys are soothing and have good haptic feedback. For charging, there is a micro USB on a bottom, along with a 3.5mm headphone jack for audio output.

The Jivi Banana 6 is a normal underline phone, definition it does not support complicated facilities and applications such as Google Assistant, Google Maps, 4G, LTE Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspot. These facilities are new in underline phone space and phones like Reliance JioPhone and Nokia 8110 support them. The Banana 6, on a other hand, has a normal phone interface and a keypad to navigate and work it.

In terms of value-added features, a Banana 6 offers wireless FM radio, Snake Cobra and Brick n Ball games, GPRS internet connectivity option, and mp3 actor support for personification audio files saved in microSD card. The microSD label is also indispensable to store photos and videos as a phone does have singular inner storage that is mostly filled with a handling complement and other complement files.

The phone has a back camera with a peep that can be used as a flame as well. The photos taken by a phone are simple and conduct to demeanour excellent usually in good lighting. The phone also has Bluetooth and dual-SIM support.

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