John McAfee Sticks To $1,000,000 Bitcoin (BTC) Prediction, Issues ‘Hard Date’

John McAfee Stills Expects Bitcoin To Hit Seven Figures

In late-2017, when BTC was leading pivotal levels any and each day, we reported that record guru John McAfee done a prophecy that Bitcoin would strike $1 million by a finish of 2020. He put his strength on a line.

And while a cryptocurrency has evidently depressed drastically given then, he recently doubled-down on this desirous foresee in a tweet. In response to a $1 million prophecy from another crypto believer, McAfee, who is now on a run from U.S. authorities, claimed that he’s certain that BTC will strike $1 million by Dec 31st, 2020, adding that he “never loses bets.” Rebutting his cynics, McAfee combined that Bitcoin breaching such a cost prove is probable since “two years is a prolonged time.”

While he seems austere that he will be right on his prediction, per, a website combined to lane McAfee’s crazy call, BTC is now 89.5% next what it needs to be at.

‘Conservative’ Prediction?

While $1 million seems like a crazy sum, McAfee has claimed on mixed times that this is usually a regressive estimate/prediction. Per prior reports from Ethereum World News, a presidential carefree explained that a flourishing series of exchange and people regulating a Bitcoin Network prove that a loyal value of BTC is “escalating tremendously.”

McAfee, a creator of a cybersecurity hulk that shares his surname, afterwards combined that investors shouldn’t be fazed by a crypto market’s short-term downtrend, as he forked out that “artificial pressures” have usually combined “temporary” shortcomings for crypto assets. And as such, holding a forward-thinking approach, McAfee settled that if “you lane a use bend [of Bitcoin],” $1 million per BTC by 2020 (his strange prediction) is conservative, adding that eventually, BTC will be valued by a usage, not by suppositional factors and investors.

And interestingly, he’s not a usually one on a block(chain) that thinks a seven-digit gratefulness for Bitcoin isn’t irrational. At an IBM-run event, Jesse Lund, a record giant’s conduct of blockchain and digital resources division, told’s cryptocurrency bend that he believes in Bitcoin, generally from a long-term perspective. Lund remarked that while BTC might usually strech $5,000 by New Year’s Eve, in a years a come, a digital item will start to run $1 million.

Travis Kling, a arch investment officer of Ikigai, recently expelled a draft that decorated how BTC could bloat to a seven-figure valuation. The chart, sourced from Crypto Voices, showed that if Bitcoin manages to catch all fiat and bullion land in circulation, a item would have a satisfactory gratefulness of $1.5 million. This, of course, was theoretical. But, many are assured that a flagship cryptocurrency will start creation a pierce on a bequest universe of financial in a nearby future.

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