Judge Rules Against Bethesda Plaintiffs in Lawsuit Over Westbard Growth Plan

Plaintiffs are in talks about either to appeal

SaveWestbard protesters reason a pointer during a criticism outward a County Council Office Building when a legislature authorized a devise in 2016.

SaveWestbard protesters reason a pointer during a criticism outward a County Council Office Building when a legislature authorized a devise in 2016.


A decider has tossed out a lawsuit filed by Westbard residents who wanted to overturn Montgomery County’s expansion devise for their Bethesda community.

Parties in a Montgomery County Circuit Court box have been watchful for months for a judge’s decision. The lawsuit filed opposite a county by some-more than 30 residents in a Westbard area claimed a Montgomery County Planning Board didn’t sufficient cruise hothouse gas emissions when essay a devise and that a County Council unsuccessful to reason a compulsory open conference on a offer before commendatory it. The plaintiffs also charged a county with illegally negotiating with developers over skill zoning.

Judge Richard E. Jordan disagreed with a plaintiffs on any count in a statute released Friday.

“We’re happy with this ruling. We cruise it’s scold and in correspondence with a law, and we intend to pierce brazen only like we did before,” pronounced Erin Girard, an profession representing a developer for a Westwood Shopping Center in Westbard.

Patricia Kolesar, owners of a village organisation SaveWestbard, pronounced residents are disappointed, though already articulate about subsequent steps.

“It was intolerable that [the judge] ruled opposite us on 3 counts. We apparently cruise he’s wrong,” she said. “We’re going to regroup, and a plaintiffs and donors are going to confirm if we’re going to interest this or not.”

Girard pronounced her client, Regency Centers, is relocating forward with a skeleton to redevelop a selling core in Westbard, as authorised underneath a new zoning. In November, Regency unveiled a proposal that drastically scaled behind an progressing redevelopment devise that had influenced clever village pushback. The new redevelopment devise is about half a distance of a strange offer and would offer residents a incomparable county green.

In his opinion, Jordan wrote county law does not need expansion skeleton to lay out specific stairs for shortening hothouse gases, formed on a CO footprint analysis. The law does ask officials to cruise environmental impact when crafting these plans, and Jordan pronounced it appears county planners did so in this case.

“[F]or example, a bicycle network and associated options were contained in a plan,” he wrote.

Girard forked to a breeze of a Westbard devise that enclosed measures to inspire walking and cut down a series of car miles traveled.  

Residents disagree a law clearly requires planners to control a CO footprint analysis, citing a Gaithersburg West Master Plan that states a law “requires a Planning Board to guess a CO footprint of areas being master planned.”

“The justice motionless that a County’s Planning Board and inaugurated officials do not need to follow County law,” a plaintiffs’ attorney, Michele Rosenfeld, pronounced in a prepared statement.

A SaveWestbard press recover calls on county leaders to strengthen a requirement for a hothouse gas research in light of a judge’s ruling.

“If zero else, this statute shows that a hothouse gas emissions law has no teeth,” Kolesar pronounced in a release.

The plaintiffs also complained about a miss of open process. County attorneys pronounced a legislature perceived open testimony on a devise over dual days in Feb 2016. However, a defendants pronounced this wasn’t sufficient since a legislature wasn’t behaving in a purpose of “district council,” a physique with management over formulation and zoning.

Jordan ruled a plaintiffs were subterfuge over semantics.

“Hearings were hold and a open was listened on a Westbard issues before a members of a District Council,” Jordan wrote in his opinion after observant that members of a County Council and District Council are a same.

Jordan also opined that a county did not violate a breach opposite “contract zoning,” or an crude arrangement to trade zoning privileges for a benefaction by a skill owner. The decider wrote a plaintiffs’ evidence was injured since a Westbard expansion devise did not section any properties; rather, a zoning that conformed with a devise was authorized in a apart document.

Bethany Rodgers can be reached during bethany.rodgers@bethesdamagazine.com.

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