Kagan Says Video Proves She Was Touched Inappropriately by …

Gil Genn, a lobbyist, believes a video shows he did not do what she alleges

State Sen. Cheryl Kagan

State Sen. Cheryl Kagan

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Updated – 4:30 p.m. – State Sen. Cheryl Kagan presented a confidence video to reporters in Annapolis on Tuesday that she pronounced valid Annapolis lobbyist Gil Genn overwhelmed her inappropriately during a bar progressing this month.

Kagan (D-Rockville) has indicted Genn, a former District 16 delegate, of putting his palm on her behind and afterwards using it down to her “tush.” After a Mar 1 incident, Kagan indicted Genn of inappropriately touching her in a open matter and after filed a nuisance censure opposite him with a General Assembly’s tellurian resources department.

Genn released a three-page statement after Kagan publicly indicted him in that he wrote, “I kept my hands to myself. we didn’t even shake her hand. we did not run my palm down her behind or down to her tush.”

On Tuesday, Kagan showed a confidence footage from a pub during a press briefing, that she also streamed on her public Facebook page. The footage from Castlebay Irish Pub in Annapolis shows Kagan and Genn interacting in a swarming bar and Genn touching what appears to be a reduce behind of Kagan before stealing his hand. The dual continue to speak for about a notation before they partial ways.

A duplicate of a video, a purported occurrence occurs during a initial 10 seconds of a recording in a bottom right corner.

Kagan told a reporters a video proves Genn lied in his rejection about a interaction. “The video shows that’s not a case,” she said.

In a matter supposing to Bethesda Beat by Genn’s attorney Timothy Maloney, Genn wrote the video proves “beyond dispute” that he did not “grab or examine her, as has been reported in a press from Senator Kagan’s statements.”

He indicted Kagan of creation fake allegations about him over a past 12 days.

“The repairs to my repute has been incalculable, as good as a pang and mistreat to my family and a business,” Genn wrote. “Senator Kagan owes me and my family an apology. She contingency immediately mislay her fake Facebook posts about me. But she can't mislay her fake allegations from a internet, that will always be there any time someone Googles my name. That repairs is permanent and irreparable, and my warn is reviewing what can be finished about it.”

Kagan told reporters Tuesday she hopes that by pity her story about a communication she can assistance foster a check sponsored by Del. Ariana Kelly (D-Bethesda) in a House of Delegates that would embody lobbyists in a legislature’s anti-harassment policy. The routine does not now embody a routine for doing claims intended opposite lobbyists.

Kagan combined that she came brazen with her story in hopes of dispelling a “culture of silence” that she pronounced is common in Annapolis when it comes to women publicly pity stories of harassment.

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