Latest Essential Phone camera app refurbish brings behind “tiny planet” videos

Even nonetheless a Essential Phone shipped with a bad camera experience, Essential has solemnly softened it with countless updates to a camera app since. Essential released nonetheless another refurbish on Wednesday that adds a few nifty facilities and enhancements to a camera app.

The biggest new underline is a ability to save, adjust, and share 360-degree videos as “tiny planets.” If that sounds familiar, it’s since a camera app formerly enclosed a underline as a beta before Essential private it.

Elsewhere, a camera hurl now saves detonate mode shots as a singular group. The camera hurl also uses new icons to improved brand detonate mode shots, as good as slow-mo, 360, and unchanging videos. The icons seem over a thumbnail in a camera hurl and will assistance compute a items.

Essential Phone in 2018: Fantastic, if we don’t caring about your camera

Finally, a updated camera app includes undisclosed fortitude fixes that apparently assistance it open faster and improve a shiver speed.

Keep in mind that Essential updated a camera app only dual weeks ago. That is an considerable shave for a association with one feet reportedly in a grave. Whatever a company’s fortunes become, we can squeeze a refurbish during a couple below.


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