Leak: Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL aren’t a usually new products entrance …

Google is set to horde one of a final vast tool unveilings of 2017 tomorrow. After months of leaks and rumors, a association will finally take a wraps off of a next-generation flagship smartphones. The Pixel 2 is approaching to underline a same pattern as final year’s Pixel phone, with vast bezels around a arrangement and an aluminum housing suggestive of Apple’s previous-generation iPhones. It will of march underline upgraded inner components, however, putting it on standard with other 2017 flagship phones. The Pixel 2 XL, meanwhile, will be a some-more sparkling of a dual new Pixel phones; a LG-made smartphone will have a new pattern that shrinks down a bezels above and next a screen.

Of course, a new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL aren’t a usually inclination set to entrance during Google’s vast press conference, and now another new tool has been reliable in a vast trickle forward of tomorrow’s event.

Amazon competence have unsuccessful to mangle into a smartphone marketplace in fantastic conform with a Fire phone, though a association still has a abounding hardware business. In fact, Amazon is only obliged for a popularization of a whole new shred in a consumer wiring industry.

Sonos competence have helped wireless speakers proliferate, though it was Amazon that done wireless speakers smart. The Echo orator has spawned a outrageous new business for Amazon, that only announced a series of new Echo orator models including a All-New Echo and a Echo Plus.

Encouraged by Amazon’s success, a series of other companies have launched intelligent speakers of their own. And given Google’s stream goal is to safeguard Google Assistant is on each probable product, a intelligent orator was a no-brainer. Enter final year’s Google Home, that continues to be extravagantly renouned in a US and elsewhere. Now, Google is set to betray new Google Home orator models, and one of them only leaked.

The chatter above comes from Twitter user Raymond Durk, who lives only a integrate of blocks divided from a Google campus in Mountain View, California. It stands to reason that Google employees are always nearby by, and Durk happened to locate one of them environment adult a new intelligent speaker. That’s right, after a few opposite rumors here and there, a new Google Home Mini was only confirmed.

While a picture above shows us what a new Google Home Mini looks like, a successive chatter confirms a device’s name.

Google’s new Google Home Mini is approaching to sell for $49.99, labelled ideally in line with a Amazon Echo Dot, and it should be expelled shortly after tomorrow’s press conference.

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