Leaked Razer Phone 2 Render Shows Off Familiar Design

Razer Phone 2evleaks

The first era Razer Phone had some cold features, though it wasn’t a compare for a likes of Samsung or Google. Razer never talked about sales numbers, though it has downplayed a Razer Phone as a “limited run” device. Ouch. The Razer Phone 2 is roughly positively entrance subsequent month during Razer’s puzzling press conference. There’s reduction poser now that a full describe of a device has leaked.

The phone describe above comes pleasantness of sequence leaker Evan “evleaks” Blass. He’s got a good lane record, so I’m assured this is a genuine deal. The phone looks a lot like a bizarre Razer Phone, that itself looked a lot like a Nextbit Robin (Razer acquired Nextbit). It’s a rectangle with crook edges than many phones, and a arrangement still looks like a normal 16:9 ratio while other inclination are bearing 18:9. There’s also a vast orator grille above and next a display. We can’t see a bottom of this phone to demeanour for a headphone jack (the bizarre didn’t have one), though we wouldn’t reason my breath.

Around back, a render reveals a twin camera array, that is in a opposite plcae than on a final phone. There’s also a Razer logo, and it’s very bright. Could it be LED illuminated? Razer loves RGB LEDs on roughly all a other products, and it was bizarre a initial Razer phone didn’t have any. It’s not accurately a useful feature, though lighting effects could be a fun approach to make this phone mount out.

The arrangement competence also be unique. We can’t tell from a render, though a final Razer Phone had a 120Hz display—the usually one accessible on an Android device. Hopefully, a new phone continues that tradition with some required improvements. Specifically, a liughtness and observation angles indispensable work.

Razer’s proclamation is now scheduled for Oct 10th, and it might embody some-more than only a phone.

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