Let Google Drive we around school

If MATC staff had a nickel for each ride expostulate (aka peep expostulate or USB stick) left in a mechanism on campus, they would be rich.

Unfortunately, those drives store an awful lot of mislaid homework.

There is a improved approach to store your assignments: Google Drive.

Because MATC uses Gmail, a Google product, as a central email, each tyro during MATC has entrance to a whole garland of Google tools, including Drive.

Google Drive, found among a Google Apps accessible to we when we open your Gmail, is a “cloud storage service.” That means we can use Google servers, around a Web, to store your papers – no ride expostulate (or backups) needed.

You can't remove your Drive, as prolonged as we have an MATC email. (The college does cancel your email after we graduate, so we need to pierce critical papers – résumés! – from your propagandize Drive to a personal Drive before then.)

When we use Google Drive, we can work on your task from any device – desktop computer, laptop, inscription or phone – with internet access, after logging into your propagandize Gmail. (Remember, Wi-Fi is giveaway on campus, as is use of a mechanism labs.)

Plus, other people – say, a Drive-savvy instructor or your classmates – can revise your request right in your Drive, once we share it with them. No need to download or copy.

Tutorials everywhere online to assistance we master Google Drive, and staff in a Academic Support Centers can help, as well. Please give critical suspicion to giving Drive a exam drive. MATC staffers don’t need any some-more ride drives – honest!

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