Linux Apps on Chromebooks Getting Google Drive, Play Store File Access Support

Linux apps on Chromebooks are solemnly though positively gaining their legs. Sure, we’re still blank a few things here and there, though swell on this front is relocating along during a nice, quick gait and currently we are happy to be articulate about another march that will assistance a altogether user knowledge in an critical and suggestive way.

More, stretched record support.

When Linux apps initial launched on Chromebooks, record support was fundamentally non-existent. The initial attainment was common use of a Downloads folder and that alone done things fundamentally serviceable. Once Linux apps gained a ability to read/write to a folder common by Chrome OS, we was in business. After all, that was my workflow when regulating Crouton behind in a day.

After a single, common Download folder, a Chrome Devs afterwards combined a ability to see a full record tree from your Linux containers right in a Chrome OS Files app. This allows users to build out record systems for their Linux apps and afterwards read/write in and out of those files right from Chrome OS. This elementary change done record government many easier for many users, though it left out a really critical partial of a altogether Chromebook equation.

Google Drive Support.

The endorsed workflow for Chrome OS is heavily utilizing Google Drive. By doing so, users can simply record in to any Chromebook and collect adult right where they left off before. Linux apps benefaction a bit of a depart from this workflow, obviously, since Linux needs to be enabled and things need to be commissioned to indeed use Linux apps.

But, in a unfolding where we have a Chromebook and maybe a Chromebox during a desk, it would be good for all to usually be synced up, right?

What Google is adding will residence that. Google Drive support for Linux apps is entrance and will concede users to precedence their mounted Google Drive storage usually as simply and well as they do in Chrome OS.

If I’m operative on a record in Inkscape and saving to my Google Drive, we can collect right adult on that plan on a Chromebox during my table with no need to download, move, or duplicate files in any approach with this new change. All I’ll have to do is share that folder with my Linux enclosure and saving/loading from that plcae with Linux apps will occur usually as you’d expect.

This change, along with a addition of entrance to Google Play files (with given permissions, of course), was unclosed by Kevin Tofel over during About Chromebooks and signals a stability growth of Linux apps on Chromebooks. Hit those links adult for all a commits and technical pieces if you’re into that kind of thing.

While I’m not certain I’ll use a extended entrance to Google Play files, a additional coherence is positively welcome. We’re still technically usually 6 months into this whole initiative, so a swell so distant is really exciting.

When a addition of GPU acceleration arrives, we’ll be removing tighten to a indicate where you’ll be means to entirely precedence Linux apps in each shape, form and conform right on your Chromebook. And a pleasing partial is, if we never wish to use it, we can simply select to keep it incited off.

I adore Chrome OS usually as it is and am excellent regulating it though Android apps or Linux apps during this point, though a inclusion of these forms of services and facilities usually ensures that this height will continue elaborating into a full resolution for some-more users over time.

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