Logging Home Data In Google Drive With IFTTT

As we’ve seen in a prior articles, a IFTTT (IF This Then That) use is a good approach to emanate singular home automation routines — and fill in a gaps that might be blank from particular hardware vendors or other home automation ecosystems, such as Google Home or Apple’s HomeKit. However, for those who like to keep lane of what goes on in their home, there’s another quite engaging use box for IFTTT — a ability to record and record information from your home automation devices.

Although we’ve focused on IFTTT radically as a apparatus for home automation, a hundreds of services offering by IFTTT indeed run a progression from email and amicable media formation to accessing record services like Dropbox and Google Drive, and all of these other capabilities can be interconnected with IFTTT home automation appendage services to do things like keep a record of any time your front doorway is non-stop or your groundwork lights are incited on.

In today’s article, we’ll take a demeanour during regulating IFTTT to confederate with one quite useful logging use — Google Sheets — and try some ideas for how we can record information into a spreadsheet from a accumulation of opposite home automation accessories.

The Google Sheets IFTTT movement provides a ability to supplement a quarrel to a spreadsheet, and this works a same approach regardless of what you’re promulgation to it — you’ll need to mention a name and Drive folder for a Google Sheet (both of that will be total if they don’t already exist), and afterwards fill in a formatted quarrel of information that will be appended to a bottom of a spreadsheet.

In regulating a Google Sheets action, we’ll be relying some-more heavily on information upheld from whatever IFTTT trigger we’re regulating — referred to as “ingredients” — to fill in a blanks. Ingredients can be used in any margin in a Google Sheets action, so not usually can we fill in a information in a piece itself, though we can use an partial to name a spreadsheet or establish that Drive folder it’s placed in.

Keep a record of who comes in your front door

If we have an Aug Smart Lock, we can simply use IFTTT to lane not usually when your doorway is unlocked, though who is unlocking it. Simply use August’s customary IFTTT Lock unlocked trigger. This will glow off whenever your close is unlocked, though it also passes additional information such as a user’s name as an partial to a subsequent IFTTT action.

This can be enclosed in a Google Sheets movement to supplement a quarrel to a spreadsheet that not usually annals a time your doorway was unlocked, though who unbarred it — presumption of march that they used their smartphone app or a intelligent keypad.

Record any time a thermostat is adjusted

IFTTT can also assistance we keep a record of how mostly people in your domicile are adjusting your Ecobee thermostat, radically major a report that you’ve set it adult with.

While we won’t be means to tell who is messing with your thermostat — although of march we could set adult an IFTTT-compatible confidence camera circuitously and emanate another together applet if we unequivocally wanted to know — it will keep lane of how mostly it’s being practiced outward of your schedule, and accurately when this is occurring. You can even record a stream indoor heat alongside a requested heat to assistance we see if a composition was unequivocally all that necessary.

Log sound levels

As we’ve already seen, Netatmo’s Weather Station has a resources of IFTTT triggers for all from heat and steam to noise, rainfall, and breeze data, so it’s easy adequate to emanate an IFTTT applet to record when this information falls outward of certain “normal” thresholds. For example, if we wanted to know when it’s excessively shrill in your vital room, we can simply emanate an applet to record this to a Google Sheet any time a sound rises above a certain level.

For a many part, Netatmo’s IFTTT use can usually trigger actions when values go above or subsequent thresholds that we specify, so we won’t be means to keep something like a unchanging heat log; nonetheless Netatmo’s possess program does do this good enough, there can still be advantages to regulating IFTTT, such as a ability to mix a information from mixed accessories into a singular spreadsheet.

Track your oven run times

If you’re regulating a General Electric or Home Connect enabled appliance, we can also simply lane how mostly your oven is used. Since triggers will usually glow off when a oven is incited on and when a oven is incited off, you’ll need to emanate dual applets. But this is a good instance of how information can be total into a singular Google Sheet, permitting we to lane a on and off times in one place, and of march we can simply magnitude a time elapsed between any span of events regulating simple spreadsheet formulas. You can even chuck in a trigger like Preheat heat achieved to cause in how prolonged it takes your oven to strech a preferred temperature, thereby measuring preheat time contra cooking time.

There are indeed a lot of other engaging things we can record if we have a right appliances; for instance GE’s connected fridge also provides IFTTT triggers that can glow off whenever your fridge doorway is opened, so it’s easy adequate to emanate a record of this information into a Google Sheet as well.


IFTTT services like Google Sheets yield a accessible approach to keep lane of what’s going on in your home, and can be generally useful for gripping tabs on things when there are mixed people all vital underneath one roof. Ingredients can be used to not usually stock cells in a Google Sheet, though also to mention a name and plcae for any one, and we can also simply record information to a singular Google Sheet from mixed applets. Of course, Google Sheets isn’t a usually use accessible for logging information regulating IFTTT, and subsequent time, we’ll take a demeanour during how we can do this with other services, such as Dropbox.


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