Logo+ is an open source chronicle of a Chroma app on a Razer Phone 2

Nowadays, a smartphone attention is as severe for newcomers as it gets. It’s not so easy to stay applicable when dozens of flagship-tier smartphones are expelled any year. We all saw what happened to Essential and their pretty customary phone, that is a contrition given they offer good program support. User feedback has shown that to keep afloat in a game, we need to have some singular features. Razer has managed to get a user bottom in only 2 years. Their “gaming phone,” AKA a Razer Phone 2, is directed during Android enthusiasts. Apart from a apparent flagship specs, it facilities a 120Hz non-static modernise rate HDR screen, stereo speakers, and a intense RGB trademark on a behind that can be customized by a complement app, Chroma.

Just a few days ago, XDA Senior Member CurstiMJ published his app, Logo+, on a forums. The app is simply an open-source choice to Razer’s Chroma app. It is now in a beta stage, so some bugs are to be found, though a developer is operative tough on regulating them. You can see on his GitHub that he pushes out new commits flattering quickly. What’s also value deliberation is that Logo+ doesn’t work but base access. Restrictions embody not operative on a unbarred state, for what it’s worth. Here are a categorical facilities of a app:

  • Select tradition presentation tone per app
  • Set LED brightness
  • Up to 4 apps’ colors on a trademark during once
  • 4 opposite pacifist effects

The open source choice to a app will make certain that tradition ROM users will also be means to take advantage of a intense trademark on a behind of a Razer Phone 2. You can download a APK record from a couple below. You will need to extend presentation entrance to a app and invalidate battery optimization for it so that it doesn’t get killed in a background.

Download Logo+ from a Razer Phone 2 Forums

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