Magisk Mod Brings Pixel 2 HDR+, Portrait Mode, and AR Stickers to a Essential Phone

Those of we following a new articles about updates to a Google Camera app will notice that there has been a outrageous volume of new facilities ported to other devices, though sadly on a Essential Phone, there are many problems. These embody a sound slicing out and violation a batch camera on a device when used that creates a app obsolete as a daily motorist camera replacement. This is a problem as formerly it was shown that a Google Camera pier indeed does a lot for a Essential Phone’s camera quality.

However, interjection to XDA Senior Member aer0zer0 those on a Essential Phone can suffer a latest Google Camera pier from a Pixel 2, that includes full support for HDR+, mural mode, and AR stickers. It comes in a form of a Magisk procedure too, so all we need to do is implement it and your Essential Phone can support a Google Camera app and make use of all of a features.

The procedure creates utterly a few changes so that anybody can suffer a Pixel 2 camera facilities on their Essential Phone. These changes embody a device’s media profiles, SELinux changes, calibration changes, and enabling a Camera2 API. All of these changes can be reverted simply by uninstalling a Magisk module, so zero is henceforth altered and so any problems can be accurate quickly.

If we wish to give it a try, check out a couple down next and peep a Magisk module. That’s all we need to do! These changes are Essential Phone specific, so be clever if we try it on another device. You can use it as a template for formulating your possess module, though it’s really doubtful that it will work out of a box on other devices.

Magisk Module for Pixel 2 Camera Features on a Essential Phone

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