Making a Grade: Could HomePod and Siri have a place in a classroom?

Making The Grade is a weekly array from Bradley Chambers covering Apple in education. Bradley has been handling Apple inclination in an preparation sourroundings given 2009. Through his knowledge deploying and handling 100s of Macs and 100s of iPads, Bradley will prominence ways in that Apple’s products work during scale, stories from a trenches of IT management, and ways Apple could urge a products for students.

When we was during a annual ISTE conference in Chicago a few weeks ago, we saw a few booths built around offered Alexa skills for your school. It got me meditative about what Siri in a classroom competence demeanour like (specifically with HomePod). Having introspective it for a bit, we came adult with a handful of scenarios.

Hey Siri: Everyone, though Sam is here

If Siri could have entrance to your school’s tyro information system, tasks like assemblage could be finished with a elementary command. Instead of carrying to launch a website or an app, we could simply contend “Hey Siri, everybody though Sam is here” or “Hey Siri, everybody is here”.

IT Trouble Tickets

When teachers need my assistance, they customarily call, email or iMessage. This process works excellent for me given we am a usually chairman who manages IT during my school. iMessage positively doesn’t scale adult for incomparable districts. I’d adore a ability for Siri to correlate with an IT ticketing system. A clergyman could contend something like “Hey Siri, record IT ticket”. Siri could respond with “What’s a issue”. The clergyman could afterwards contend their issue. A sheet would afterwards be filed. IT could afterwards residence a issue.

School Wide Announcement System

Schools mostly have PA systems where a principal can make school-wide announcements. At my school, we use a proclamation complement on a table phones. HomePod could have an “announcement function” where one HomePod could promote to all of a other ones on a network. There are a lot of UX concerns with this in a simple form (how do we concede usually certain HomePods to do this), though it could positively be done. Instead of carrying to handle in a PA system, it would precedence a school’s Wi-Fi network in sequence to broadcast.

Open Market for Curriculum Companies

If Apple non-stop adult Siri to curriculum companies, HomePod could turn a clergyman partner in a sense. It could work alongside a clergyman to strengthen what they are already teaching. It could have calm prepared to go. Perhaps a clergyman is operative by a JFK presidency, and they could trigger a new promote of his assassination report. Instead of carrying to hunt YouTube for clips (and watch ads), HomePod could have a shave prepared to go.

There is a lot to cruise by here with how it could work, though we trust HomePod (and Siri) could eventually be something that we cruise for classrooms.

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