Man Pretends to Be Rideshare Driver, Robs Woman during Her Bethesda Apartment

A lady says a male who she suspicion was a rideshare motorist followed her into her unit in Bethesda, Maryland, and attacked her.

The lady was out with friends in D.C.’s U Street cooridor when she systematic a rideshare use to take her home about 4 a.m. Saturday Mar 30.

When she saw a white sedan lift adult to a curb, she got inside. 

She pronounced she suspicion it was bizarre when a motorist didn’t know her destination, though gave him a address.

When they arrived to her apartment, a motorist demanded she compensate him. She pronounced she told him she had paid for a float by a app and she didn’t owe him money.

But a think followed her into her unit building.

Surveillance video afterwards shows a think grabbing for her purse inside a elevator.

“He followed me to a elevator, where he attempted to attack me twice and attempted to take my purse. And during that moment, we was intensely terrified,” a plant told News4. She did not wish to be identified.

Once they reached her apartment, he forced his approach in, she said.

“He had his shoulders opposite a doorway and flattering most crippled rushed a doorway and got in,” she said.

He took some of her effects before using off.

Police contend a male didn’t work for any rideshare companies. They are seeking anyone with information about a think or a spoliation to call 240-773-5100.

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