March 2019 confidence rags expelled for Google Pixel inclination and Essential Phone

Like clockwork, Google has kicked off a new month with a uninformed Android confidence update. Every month, we get a new Android confidence circular for Google Pixel inclination and Android as a whole. Whether your device gets a latest patch is adult to a OEM, though that’s a opposite topic. Essential is one OEM that does a good pursuit of this.

Unlike final month, there are a few organic rags for a Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. One organic patch that should make Pixel owners happy is startup and responsiveness improvements for a camera. This is something that has been brought adult in new months by Pixel owners, so we’re blissful to see some courtesy brought to it. Here’s a full list of organic patches:

The Essential Phone refurbish is also rolling out now. The refurbish includes a confidence rags and Digital Wellbeing support.

The OTA files and bureau images for a Pixel inclination can be found during a links below. Find a Android confidence files for your device and click “Link” to start a download. To peep a refurbish manually but losing all of your data, follow the steps summarized in this tutorial. The OTA refurbish for a Essential Phone has only started rolling out.

Pixel Update Bulletin Android Security Bulletin

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